Aug 19, 2009

Multicultural 'dugnad' in Jens Bjelkes gate

A few months ago I joined the board of the building I live in. It's at Tøyen, where people from everywhere lives. Which is great. But there are some challenges when it comes to communication and how we're all used to live!

Which leads people to give up, or not give a shit. First hand integration issues!
But it has to be a way....

So, we invited everyone (somali, bosnians, moroccans, swedes, polish, turkish, ethiopians and norwegians) to a joint 'dugnad' (communal work) and I encouraged everyone to bring a dish from their country for a well-deserved back-yard party afterwards. Almost everyone showed up, perhaps because my letter was sent out in english as well, and I was almost touched :)

my darling flatmate charlie

and Helmer, who also joined the board!

and caroline, my neighbour, who's also in our trio-board

and me, inspecting the cleaning of the stairs :)