Oct 12, 2010

My new friend PK Mahanandia

A few weeks ago I did a profile interview on PK Mahanandia – the dalit Indian who cyckled from India to Sweden to find Lotta who he had fallen in love with. 

It’s a fantastic story! And PK is a really really nice man – we’ll stay in touch. 

I got to know him as he was invited to speak at Pecha Kucha, which I hosted here in Oslo. We hung out and then I went to see him and his family in Borås, Sweden. We spent a whole day there, eating Indian food and talking. He tells his story to inspire people to follow their heart, never give up and to explain about the cast system in India. The piece about him was in Aftenposten last saturday. 

PK & Lotta - still in love, 35 years later...

PK, always happy

Check out the sign he made for me when we arrived :) What a generous and sweet welcoming! Ahh, my heart melts when I meet people like this...

Photos by Christina Skreiberg