Oct 14, 2010

Palace Grill, Oslo

A few days ago I spent a day with the chefs at Palace restaurant, which is one of the coolest and probably also the best restaurant in Oslo. I did a piece on them for the Fairtrade magazine, which is out this week!

At Palace you get served a ten course meal, a take-it or leave-it kind of deal. They take no reservations, so you better show up at around 3pm and to wait for one of the very few tables they have. Once a dude from the Michelin Guide came to eat, but he came too late and was rejected at the door. Such is life - here everyone is equally important. The three chefs are super creative, work in a tiny kitchen and come up with an entirely new menu every night. Meet Alex, Andreas and Matthew & look at the cool interior. 

iPhone-photo by Christina Skreiberg 

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