Nov 15, 2010

Off to Thailand

Today I'm off to Thailand for 3 weeks!! 

I'm heading off with my friends Line and Wendy, and we're visiting a friend of ours who has moved there. We have two weeks together, and then I head off on my own, to do some work. I'll be focusing on the situation in Burma after the "election", and am heading to Mae Sot, which is by the boarder. I've kind of promised my dear mum that I won't head into Burma, as she's afraid they'll realize I'm a journalist and that she'll never see me again. I hope I can keep my promise!

But before that I'll be lying on a beach for 10 days, then head to Chiang Mai where my friend lives - and then, Mae Sot, and finally Bangkok for a few days. 

I have pre-made some posts for the blog. Am not bringing my laptop (that rarely happens), but only my fantastic camera, pen, paper, recorder, stack of books I'm looking forward to read, etc.