Dec 15, 2010

20 hours in Bangkok

I took the night bus from Mae Sot to Bangkok, where I arrived at 4 am in the morning. My flight to Norway was at 11.55 pm the following evening. IE; a looong day in Bangkok, and very little sleep.
First thing I did was head to the train station where I stored my luggage. Then I went off...

6.30 am, walking in the park close to Chatuchak Market. It was me and the joggers... Nice to see a quiet Bangkok...

7.00 am; having Pad Thai for breakfast, by a siper nice roadside eatery. 

8.00 am; the first person at Chatuchak Market. I spent 3 hours there. Bought lot's of cool stuff, before the rest of the tourists poured in. 

8.30 am; kiddo monks collecting food.

11.00 am; Leaving the market. Off to the Sky Train. Bumped into Tim, a dude from Amsterdam that I got to know at Ko Lantha a few weeks earlier. Went off with a smile, thinking about how those things are even possible :)

Noon; It was the King's birthday that day!! 5th of december. Which was celebrated throughout the whole of Bangkok. 

01.00 pm; went off to Siam Center. Where it was all about x-mas!

14.00; Sushi-time!!

Some orange stuff

17.00 pm; When in Rome... Most people cover up in Bangkok, when riding a Tuk Tuk. As it's so much pollution. I figured I could too. 

18.00 pm; pretty thai dancer girls getting ready to celebrate the King. 

21.00; off to the super nice Bangkok airport. Pretty tired feet. Met up with Tim again here, but forgot to take his picture. 

Snaps by Christina Skreiberg