Dec 26, 2010

X-Mas is also for Drug Addicts, Homeless and Lonely People...

Every year I spend x-mas day, 25th of december, volunteering at a great initiative called Alternative X-mas / Alternativ Jul, in Oslo. The doors are open to anyone who doesn't have anywhere to go during x-mas. Around 1500 came this year. Drug addicts, homeless people, lonely people, anyone. 

I spoke to some very nice people this year. I think it's wonderful that we can share this time, and exchange stories. The volunteers are also a great bunch!

I don't photograph any of the guests. But here's some pix of details, us who work there, etc.

I'm getting ready to be Santa Claus!

Volunteers also get tired!

Tons of free food is donated!

And there's always plenty to eat!
Pelle, the head-chef, is tired after two days and nights of work. He's about to take a nap.
This is Henning. He is the reason this is running! He started this 43 years ago, and spends EVERY x-mas here!

Pelle, later on. Still very tired. 

Photos by Christina Skreiberg