Feb 11, 2011

Loving Yoga

My life is so much better WITH yoga!! When I lived in London I did Bikram yoga, the hot kind, in a room as warm as 37 degrees. Then I moved to Oslo, where they didn't have it, until this week!! But the past few years I've been happy doing ashtanga, which I'll continue doing as well as Bikram. Anyway, while I was in Copenhagen last week, I did Bikram a few times. And it was AMAZING!! I've never had such a great workout-experience ever. The teacher pushed me so hard I could barely walk the next day. Fantastic! He told me I had a beautiful spine - and my ego got its boost :) But it is truly great for the back. I've had a stiff back for a few years now, from too many hours in front of the laptop. And this does wonders. Check out the new Bikram place in Oslo, as well as the one Bikram place in Cph!! Oh, and of course my beloved ashtanga studio in Oslo

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