Mar 7, 2011

Visiting newspaper Zero Hora in Porto Alegre

I have travelled down to Porto Alegre to visit the south Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora. In Norway I freelance for the media organization MBL / Young Readers, where my main focus is how the newspaper industry can survive, renew itself and attract a younger audience. Zero Hora does just this - and has a total youth think. I first discovered them on the Young Readers Conference in Prague, where they won the Young Readers Prize. And since I was going to Brazil anyway, I figures I might as well swing by. I had a great day with them. If you read portuguese you can check me out on Zero Hora's blog :)
These pictures were taken by Zero Hora photographer Ronaldo Bernardi. Here I am with online editor Pedro Dias Lopes. 
And other people from the Zero Hora crew. 

Pictures by Ronaldo Bernardi/Zero Hora

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