Apr 12, 2011

Stordalen meets Skreiberg

Last week I interviewed Petter Stordalen, the norwegian hotel-tycoon, who is the CEO of the Choice Hotels chain. It is for the UK based Exceptional magazine. Stordalen is known for his flamboyant character - and I really enjoyed the assignment. The first half hour we spent talking about LOVE, in general, which is a pretty good start for an interview. Then it went on to the importance of enthusiasm, how to motivate people and making a difference. I'm now a fan of Stordalen! Photographer Richard Hauglin took this picture of us while we were chatting. 

Photo by Richard Hauglin

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  1. Love is the most important thing/ event/ feeling/ verb/ action in the world! Love of your friends and family, passion of what you do everyday at work or in life and acting with love to make the world a better place to be!