May 15, 2011

More Pecha Kucha...

The nice girls Cat and Mathilda, who were sitting on the first row, were kind to snap these pictures with my cameras. If you think it looks like fun, come to DogA on september 8th for the next Pecha Kucha!

Here, I'm presenting together with Kasper.
Hans Gerhard Meier talks about being lost in distractions!

Lasse Koxvold (and Joachim Sandvik) talks about maroccan tiles!
Yarshar Hanstad talks about architecture in the slum and his company Tyin Tegnestue. 

Yarshar and I have a chat bf his presentation.

We aim to inspire Japan!
Some of us from the Pecha Kucha crew; Janicke, moi, Kasper and Hanna. 

Finally, a beer break!!
Henrik G Dahle talks about climbing trees and then performs a stunt that involves everyone...

 Hanna in deep conversation.

Lovely Janicke from DogA / Pecha Kucha crew.
 Kasper! Who is soon leaving us for a year in Nicaragua!

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