Oct 27, 2011

A Day in A Life, NYC

My friend Andrea turned 30 two days ago. She lives in NYC but she's staying with me in Bushwick at the moment. So I had the pleasure to surprise her in the morning; home made chocolate cake, strawberries, coffee from our local coffee place Wyckoff Starr, white roses and a gift.

Then we both went off in our day. I had a bunch of stuff on my list...
I popped by the Balenciaga store and the Commes des Garcons store in Chelsea. They are both amazing!!

 Then I walked towards Times Square, I met these guys on the way...

 and then I went further to the Diamond District to fix a ring I have. A stone fell out yesterday so I went there to find out how much a new one is. I spoke to several of the thousand jewish guys and bought one - cheap actually! He sent me further up to this guy. A retired puerto rican ring-maker. He put the stone into the ring again for me, in his kitchen. He didn't want to charge anything. I left money on his desk and off I went to...
 this place, where they CLEAN rings...
 Here, I'm waiting for 20 minutes while my ring is being cleaned.
 Then, after now knowing much more about the jewelry industry here i NYC, I went off to meet Andrea at the Guggenheim.

 Then we went for a walk in Central Park and had a pic nick. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

 Andrea gets happy-b-day phone calls!
 Then we decided to go to the Boat House for some glasses of white wine. I had never been here before and was so glad Andrea introduced me to the place. It's a gem (I'm speaking in jewelry-terms now) in the middle of the city. If you've watched Sex and the City, this is where Carrie and Big falls into the water... :)
 The guys in the bar kept pouring our glasses. Then they gave us champagne on the house. Ladies are treated well in this city!

 Then they gave Andrea some chocolate, cause I told them it was her b-day
 Then we looked at our phones and thought, 'damn, we got to leave'. We had dinner reservations at Babbo's, which is one of the hotter place in town right now. Andrea had fixed this reservation months ago.
 So we ran through the park

 jumped in a cab, went home for a super quick in-out and off we went to Babbo's. More on that some other time xxx

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