Apr 1, 2013


I haven't had much presence here. The thing is; as of the last 5 months, I've been carrying around something magical in my stomach! This summer, Espen and I are expecting a baby! I've felt that this is private, but as my stomach now grows in a steady pace, and as my presences here has been ever so limited because of lack of energy, and our life slowly but steadily changes: it's time to share the news! 

We are making a photo-diary every week of the growing belly. I've been a bit unsure if this is something we should keep to ourselves. Is it too private? I've figured not. Everyone can see it now, and I'd like to be personal here. 

The photo-diary is inspired by fantastic photos on Pacing the Panic Room (the blog seems to be currently blocked). The whole blog is really nice, I've discovered. The couple photographed the growing belly week by week, and we've been inspired to do the same!

So I'll rewind to when I was 16 weeks pregnant, which is when we started! That will be the next post... 

But first, a picture we took yesterday, out in the norwegian mountains. Don't take this too seriously; we're just having fun with this :)

Photos by Espen Nord Eidene 

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