Apr 19, 2013

This is Emma Mattei...

Emma is from Malta, and I met her when we both lived in Copenhagen six years ago. We had both studied journalism at City University in London before ending up in Copenhagen - where we met at a gallery opening one night (as far as I recall?!).

Emma is this super interesting girl who speaks several languages, moves around, directs magazines. Now she runs Uncommon Guide Books. 

I haven't seen her in six years. Since then she's lived in Malta again, in Paris, and two weeks ago she moved back to London. Where I bumped into her, while I was there last weekend!
Randomly, in Stoke Newington, just down the street from where I used to live 8 years ago! The weird thing is, I had been thinking quite a lot about her during the last month, wondering how she was doing.

Random random random. I love life when these things happen and my path cross again and again with these wonderful people.

So: This is Emma Mattei (the picture is snapped from her facebook profile - taken by one of her friends).

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