Apr 10, 2013


In week 18, I still throw up once in a while. Damn it! it happens a few times a week, in the mornings. For the first few months Espen had to bring me a biscuit and tea on my bedside each morning. Otherwise I would feel like I was fainting as I stumbled my way to the kitchen, with extremely low blood sugar. And then throw up. Great start. But hey, I get by. 

I haven't gotten any cravings yet. Usually I LOVE food and cooking, but now I'm happy with bread and norwegian brown cheese. Or pasta. Pretty boring stuff. I don't drink coffee. It tastes completely different to me now. 

Espen finds the whole food-thing almost more frustrating than I do! He can cook something which I normally love, and I end up picking in the food. Oh well :(

The bump is starting to show... Yippy!

In this picture we're on a weekend trip to the mountains with our friends; Colleen  Magnus 
and Linn ♥ Hansa. 

So yet again, a casual outfit. 
Colleen and Linn are wonderful friends of mine and also expecting! Here I am with Frida, Linn and Hansa's 4 year old daughter :)

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

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