May 1, 2013

Can you spare the Cost of a Pencil?

The adoption agency "Adopsjonsforum" got in touch with me last week, asking for some help. They don't just deal with adoptions, but they are also doing a lot to help kids in their home countries. At the moment they are building schools for kids in Gullo Shanto in Ethiopia.

To build these schools, they need financial support, and was wondering if I would like to be a blog-ambassador for this project. Of course I do, and I hope I can help!

Their goal is to collect 800 000 norwegian kroner. That will give 600 children in Ethiopia primary education. 
What can we do? Visit the website Vi bygger for barn and help finance books, pens, computers, teachers' wages, electricity, perhaps a fence, well... anything that's needed to set up a school. You can support with as little as 20 kroners, or up to 5000 kroners. It's up to you, everything helps! 

And me? I decided to sponsor books, money towards a playground and shoes! 

Photos: Terje Abusdal

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