Dec 17, 2013


Food Studio is a super nice food&event concept here in Oslo. 
They invite food enthusiasts to Table Talks, a place to meet new acquaintances, share culinary experiences and enjoy the wonders of good and honest food. They offers workshops, courses and creative sessions, all related to topics within the world of gastronomy, where they collaborates with knowledgeable chefs. And also; Food Lab's, where good food meets good ideas. Do check it out!

Together with my other freelance "colleagues" at our shared studio named "Øvrefoss", we joined Food Studio for a x-mas event. We mingled, got tips from the chefs at Smalhans on how to make the traditional x-mas dinner a tad more fun and tasty, we drank x-mas toddy outdoors by the bonfire and had a lovely meal!

All images are by friend and fellow freelance journalist; Ingvild Telle

Learning new tricks:
Toddy made on the fire!
Ingvild in the middle there :)

Øystein and Myself

Nice stuff...
The chef is about to serve... 

Ada and Espen came by, as Ada needed a portion of food from her mama :) Here she's hanging out on Anna's lap. 

Espen and I. 
Nice atmosphere!

Photos by Ingvild Telle

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