Nov 21, 2014

Breastfeeding World Tour :)

Breastfeeding is amazing! if you can do it, that is. And I have been fortunate to be able to feed Ada for the past 15 months. Until she one day didn't feel like having anymore. She self-weaned which was great. 

Here in Norway you can do it anywhere. We have travelled a lot during her first year, so I've tested the attitudes towards breastfeeding "worldwide" :)

In California, no problem. In New York, well, I got some looks, but tried to be desecrete. 

In Argentina, where we stayed for 2 months, it is very normal as well. Most women there keep on breastfeeding until the child is 2 years. 

Then we travelled on to Istanbul, where it was definitely a challenge. My solution was to carry her in our Ergobaby (on my stomach), and fed her from there, with a shawls over us. That worked and no one noticed :)

Here we are at the airport in Buenos Aires, Ada is 8 months. 

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