Aug 20, 2010

A day at the library - in my mobile office

I have no office space these days, as I've moved from where I used to sit for the past two years. I now have grand plans to find the perfect space, together with a few other independently working inspiring people - one is an illustrator, one is an animator, etc etc. So these days we're trawling the streets looking for a studio space to fall in love with. 
Until then, my work-life if pretty nomadic. I'm testing different coffee places, try to concentrate at home or go to the library. Which I did the other day. 

The library at Grunerl√łkka is from the 1920'ish, and has beautiful furniture. It's a treat to sit there. I'm a fan of libraries - the ambiance and the fact that it's all for free. Check out my chair for the day :)

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

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