Aug 29, 2010

Making a lamp can take a whole day...

I embarked on this lamp project earlier this summer. It's perfect for a day in the sun, out in the open. I was inspired by the great DIY site, and their string lamp. I am a colour person though, and have plenty of yarn, so I wanted to make one in colours. I have it hanging in my living room and it's great!

Do check out Pickles for plenty of other things you can make for yourself. Last year I interviewed the two girls who run the site. 

You need yarn, huge balloons, etc

I made two while I was at it. Going quite well...

Damn it. One of the balloons pops. What's left is a chunk of yarn. 

The chunk looks quite beautiful though :) 

I I I I Have no picture of the final result at hand. But it does look superb!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

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