Oct 23, 2010

Sweet like Honey

This summer I spent some time in a tiny village in the Chablis area of France. We stayed in the house of french-norwegian photographer Yann. One day we went along with him to visit one of the neighbours; an old lady, apparently a duchess, who lived in a huge run-down house. As the years has passed she's lost most of her money, so when we drank white wine and ate biscuits inside, and tried to converse with our non-existent french, there was basically nothing to sit on. 

What she did have, was honey! Plenty of it... In her huge back-yard there was a production going on, that served the whole village. We came along to see some daily life-honey-drama!

Oh no, the honey isn't just pouring out of the container as it usually does. Perhaps it will melt in the sun...

Hmm, what to do... Contemplations contemplations...

Super cool bee-houses

Wanna taste?

The duchess' house

Photos by Christina Skreiberg