Dec 7, 2010

My fantastic Canon 5D is DEAD!!

A week ago, during my travel, my beloved camera threw in the towel. I suppose traveling had taken it's toll on it, although i treat it with the greatest care. So, that put me in a pretty tricky situation - since I was heading to the Burma-boarder the day after, and the week to come was filled with tons of things I was heading there to photograph. 

I spent half a day in a super huge shopping mall in Chiang Mai, with a whole floor full of photo-shops. People just shook their heads. To fix it, would take minimum 2 weeks. A new one.. well, too expensive there and then.

But... nice people always seem to help me out. This time, it was a norwegian girl named Line, who I had never met before. She lives 2 hours from Mae Sot, in a tiny village, together with a Burmese Karen family. I was going there to spend a night there, and she sent me off, with her canon 40D camera. Which was superb, cause I could use my own lenses. 

I am super grateful. The photographs I'll post on this blog in the coming week has been snapped thanx to her :)