Oct 5, 2011

A Day of Summer in October, Copenhagen

The first day of october, on saturday, summer returned to Copenhagen. We even went to the beach and went swimming! Here's our day...

First we cycled up to Jeagersborggade to have some breakfast and coffee at Coffee Collective... We cycled through this beautiful grave yard.

Then we said "hey, let's go to the beach"! So we did. On the way there we passed by this tiny shop. We went in of course...

These women were hanging out. The one to the left owns this super tiny shop and says it goes really well. Her friends concurred. 
 Then AHH, we arrive at Amager Strand... the BEACH!

 We went for a swim and then chilled out in the SUN!
 Looks like we're somewhere tropical. I LOVE this coconut water by the way.
 And m&m's, in any form, are the best kind of chocolate to bring to the beach. Cause they don't melt :)

 Then we cycled home to the boat!
Espen does all he can to impress me... ( I choose to believe) :) And I'm impressed of course!

 Check how cute... These two women (!) are holding hands. Nice!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg. Those of me + some more, by Espen!

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