Oct 9, 2012

Some work // Hanne Mugaas

It's been a long long time since I've posted any of my work. For two reasons; when I'm at the busiest and do the most work, I rarely have the time to gather all my clippings and file them. I have done that now, and am updating my website with work from the past year.

The other reason is that I'm working full-time now - until next summer - making/creating "Aftenposten Junior" (the new kids-paper). So I'm wearing an ID-card around my neck every day, I check into the office, have morning-meetings and drink coffee by the coffee-machine. All of that stuff. The beauties of office life, ey...

Therefore I don't run around on different things every day at the moment.
Although I do keep up with some exciting jobs once in a while. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway - this piece was done exactly a year ago, and was published in KUNST this spring. It's an interview & portrait picture I did in New York, with the super clever and independent curator Hanne Mugaas. I quite like the portrait, which is taken in front of her husband Cory Archangel's artwork.

The article continues, but one page is enough for today :)

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