Jun 5, 2011

Oslo Photo Marathon 2011

My friend Terje Abusdal is hosting this great event that takes place in Oslo on saturday the 20th of august! Where you enjoy and capture our lovely city through photography. Registration is now open, right here!
In the course of twelve hours you must take a series of twelve images. Every three hours you get three new themes to be interpretedLast year, more than 100 photo enthusiasts joined in and it resulted in a social and enjoyable day. Over 1000 photos were later exhibited in Gallery KHK.
Here are the winners from last years event!(1): Lise Strandlien - "En scene fra en opera. Virkelighetens dramatiske scener er rundt oss hele tiden."
(2): Oda Solberg - "Sult"

(3):  Liam Garvey - "Kj√¶rleikens trikkereiser"

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