Jul 29, 2011

Oslo covered in Roses

It's been a week since the 22nd of july - last friday. There hasn't been much action here on the blog. Too much action everywhere else. Last friday, when horrific news hit us all here in Norway, I was sleeping on the couch. Peacefully. At the cabin on the south-coast. I woke up to the news of a bomb and had no idea what the voice on the radio was talking about. 

Since then we've been shocked, sad, confused. Have lit candles, spoken to our friends and family. Perhaps given more hugs to people. 

When I arrived home to Oslo at 10pm one evening at the beginning of this week the city looked like this... 

Photos by Christina Skreiberg


  1. Det er den fineste rose-serien jeg har sett til nå :) Likte ekstra godt det bildet med statuene!