Nov 13, 2011

Hot Friture

Vigdis and Mads, whom I featured in my previous post, runs Hot Friture
Check out this very cool shoot :)

This is their statement:
Hot friture is used in both french and danish cuisine, but apart from that the differences between the cuisines are plentiful. french cuisine stands for “a little”, danish for “a lot”. where the french have a glass of white wine with a great bouquet from a specific terroir with their meal, the danish might settle for a glass of beer, and it does not even have to be cold. Apart from hot friture - and regardless of whether you prefer pâté de foie gras or red hot-dogs - the two cultureshave something else in common, uncompromising quality. Hot Friture (the brand) can also be described in culinary terms. based on the number of ingredients it is quite simple - there are only three. based on how accessible the ingredients are it is more exclusive – they are both imported (one is a norwegian) and matured on foreign soil (one has spent years in italy). add to this high spirits for extra spice, humour for an extra dimension and temperature (it is hot friture, you know) for unexpected reactions and you get something unique – it’s elegantly rough, it’s simple but subtle or sometimes clothing with panache. Regardless of whether it is grilled, fried or simply hot, this dish makes an excellent side order for the set 
menu titled “la belle vie”..

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