Nov 12, 2011

Hot Friture on a House Boat, Cph

This summer I came across the norwegian label Hot Friture, which is run by the norwegian-danish couple Vigdis and Mads who live on a house boat in Copenhagen. They bought the boat, which was then pretty run down, about two years ago, and has since renovated the whole thing on their own. At the same time they started up their own business, the clothing label Hot Friture. I think that's super impressive! 

As Vigdis so wisely said: "In the midst of it all, you've got to remember that you're in the middle of your dream!" I have thought that to myself several times since.

I took these pictures of Vigdis, Mads and their dog Mester in September. On friday it was published in Stavanger Aftenblad - which is the newspaper in the town Vigdis is from. 

All photos: Christina Skreiberg


  1. Wow! Fantastiske bilder! Hvilke objertivbruker du her? Perfekt til interiør da!! (jeg er på utkikk etter et slikt)!

  2. Takk fine Ingvild.
    Innendørs bruker jeg for det meste Canon 16-35 mm, f2.8.
    Kjempe bra objektiv.

    Og også 50mm, f1.4.

    Vi sees snart xxx