Sep 25, 2012

The Glow // Maryam Nassir Zadeh

The Glow is a really really inspiring blog (to me), and I suppose to anyone who's a mother, or anyone who'll one day become one, and is quite into fashion, interior and photography. 

The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms! :) Their styling ideas, multitasking secrets, and enviable homes. The blog is edited by by Violet Gaynor anf photographed by Kelly Stuart

I'm quite frightened of the thought of one day becoming a mother. I really really hope I will, but I hope there still will be some SPACE in my life for all those things I love doing. All those egoistic and self-centered things; having time to myself, hanging out with my wonderful boyfriend, friends, my yoga, my work, exploring things, doing creative stuff, reading the newspapers, etc etc.  

The Glow makes me dream. Life isn't that polished, but still, dreaming that it's possible to keep doing what I'm doing, feels pretty good. 

Here are pictures from the home of iranian-born Maryam Nassir Zade. She has a FANTASTIC boutique on the lower east side in New York, which I LOOOVE! It's impeccably curated. But now; her home. Enjoy!

Photography by Kelly Stuart

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