Jul 31, 2008

hot days in italy

cararra and pietrasanta; the marble-stone mekka. visiting knut steen, seeing tons of marble, and much more

here, a lovely worker

workplace w/ marble-dust



favourite waiter

feisty dog with dreads

Jul 27, 2008

ITALY this coming week

will be in italy working this coming week. back aug 2.
chao xx

Summerbliss at the summerhouse!

feet in sky


sometimes norway can look like mexico

summer house

Jul 20, 2008

Light entertainment - part 1

a couple of years ago, I made this along with my girl-mime-band-crew julia and line

Jul 17, 2008

In six page fashion spread - Dagbladet

Along with my record-playing partner of a cousin, aka Brenda Walsh, we're asked to show the 90s fashion in Dagbladet's friday supplement. It turned out like this...

London this week

I always see quite remarkable things when i'm out and about in london. the camera isn't always with me but this time I snapped up the following.

I stopped and smiled when I walked past my friend brad downey's 4 year old tag. i walk down a random quiet street in the east end and of course he's been there before me. good to see friends chose similar paths. last time I saw him in person was three weeks ago in berlin

then, along regents canal, these walls were painted in great colours just last month. i dig the canal and used to, a couple of years ago, go running or cycling along it weekly

and then this man... an old'ish guy walking around like this :)

Jul 14, 2008

off to london - three day work-trip

will be in london from tomo until the 17th of july. if you're a friend and you're there; come find me. jubiiii.

Jul 10, 2008

Oslo: On foot across the Universe

The other day I met this guy who walks across the universe on foot!!! the real life forest gump!
I saw him in Copenhagen a month ago, and had no time to stop. Second time I see him, this time in Oslo, we arrange to meet.

This is the guy! :)

Jul 7, 2008

Sweden: "Midtsommer"

Midtsommer, celebrated in the real swedish way. my friend linn, and her two brothers, set up their own little festival, - which turned out to be not so little after all. Way up North it's called. And there, way up north we stay up way too late

Berlin: weekend-trip

my london-era-friend jette, now lives in berlin. her boyfriend runs ATM gallery, and this is his workspace. I looove it. incredible amount of space they have in that city...


they also collect bouncy balls, or whatever they're called

Copenhagen: played @ distortion festival

this is how we look before we are to play outdoor, at the city festival, in front of about 4000 people.

this is how the world looks to us while we play

and this is how my feet & the street looks afterwards

London: work/pleasure

On a recent work/pleasure trip to london i bumped into my old assistant carissa. one of the loveliest girls in the world. she has a lovely little fashion label which she runs with her twin sister; made with hands.

Also got to see my friend Charlie's gallery; Pure Evil gallery in Shoreditch. Danish marie was also there :) yeah.

And a trip to the tate; fantastically pasted up with street art.

Jul 6, 2008

Oslo: a blog has come about

ok. why not. blogging it is. I love the pic of this lady. she'll be the first one I post. she's french, 122, and check out the style; neon glasses!