Jun 29, 2013

DJ-performance with Marte Krogh

A couple of weeks ago, Marte Krogh and I performed at a summer party at a roof terrace in Oslo.


Jun 28, 2013

A new Era

This was my last week as comissioning editor (reportasjeleder) at Aftenposten Junior. I've been involved since the start of 2012, and now 1 1/2 years later, it is time for me to move on. It's fantastic to leave a concept that I'm proud of, which has won two prestigious prizes (Perspektivprisen from NRC and Årets Nykommer from MBL, in Bergen). The kids love it, and tell us we make the world easier to understand.

I've worked with great colleagues and have a had a great learning experience. I just hope this fantastic newspaper persists for at least 8 years - when my soon-to-be-born child is ready to read it :)

Here are a few of the recent covers of Junior. Colourful, energetic and positive! Just as the rest of the paper!

And me; I'll go on to other things. First, baby-leave, and then I do not know. Which I think is great. I love not having plans, and having the time to think things over and deciding where life leads.

Lots of love xx

Jun 27, 2013

Our Staircase comes into Life

A few months ago we had our staircase set up in our apartment, leading up to our renovated loft.
We have designed it ourselves, together with architect Finn Christiansen, and it is the family-run "Lorentzen Trevare" who has custom-made it.

We are so happy with it. Here's the process of them working :)

Jun 24, 2013

Home-made Fermented Whale!

This weekend Espen made fermented whale. With the use of salt, sugar and rosemary - he packed it and compressed it and put it cold for two days. And scroll down to see the result, which he served with flowers from the garden!


Photos: Christina Skreiberg

Jun 15, 2013


This week my mum, brother and I were in London. We walked around all day, and it went surprisingly well. I'm just starting to get some back-aches and restless sleeps.

Here I'm holding my mother's recent art-purchase!

Photo by future uncle; Nikolai Schreiner

Jun 12, 2013

Copenhagen & AirBnB

Recently Espen and I went to Copenhagen for a long-weekend. We love this place; we've both lived there before. Espen's stay there was a few months after I first met him and we spent some lovely weeks staying in a house boat.

This time we used AirBnB and stayed in this flat, right on St. Hans Torv on Nørrebro. The location was super, the host welcoming (an actor) and the flat charming. Have a look :)

Jun 7, 2013

Peace & Watermelon

Watermelon is my summer-favourite!

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

Jun 3, 2013

Pecha Pecha Pecha

Last week it was Pecha Kucha in Oslo, and Kasper and I were hosting as usual. Here we're photographed by Knut Bry.

Me, with a big belly - and this was exactly 2 years after my lovely boyrfriend Espen picked me up in this venue, at a Pecha Kucha Night :)

It was also Kasper's birthday this evening, so I luckily fund a huge bouquet of balloons and gave them to him on stage!

Knut Bry is the most faithful of everyone in the Pecha audience. We love him for always coming to the events, for taking pictures and for always having lots of good ideas on who would suit on the Pecha-stage!

 Photos by Knut Bry

Jun 2, 2013

Flaskebekk is ON!

You've been introduced to this house before. FLASKEBEKK! It is my favourite place and is my family's summer house. It has been in the family since it was built around 1900.

This weekend we headed there to shine it up for the summer. And it is so nice to be back. It's an all-year house but we've rented it out to a lady for the past 4 winters. But no more! Now we're back :)

Mum-Daughter Fashion-Shoot by Martin Parr

I don't know if I'll have a boy or a little mini-me. It's gonna be a surprise. But here's some inspiration for fashionable mothers anyway, by the really inspiring photographer Martin Parr, who's photographed model Bianca Balti for the Grey SS 2013 collection. I found this post at lovely blog I love wildfox.

Photos by Martin Parr