Nov 29, 2011

Hosting Pecha Kucha on Thursday!

It's Pecha Kucha for the 20th time in Oslo, and it's our 5th anniversary! Join in, I'm hosting the event!

Nov 24, 2011

ada kokosar

For great style and styling keep an eye on Italian fashion consultant and stylist Ada Kokosar. Check out her website with images of her work here. A while back (perhaps it's still there) you were greeted with a quote from fashion historian James Laver when entering her site: "Clothes are inevitable. They are nothing less than the furniture of the mind made visible."

Nov 22, 2011

Katachi iPad Magazine

About a year ago I did a story for Katachi, which is an iPad magazine produced here in Oslo. It is launching around this time.
Each issue has a different theme, and the theme of the launch issue will be HEROINE!

Nov 20, 2011


I'm in Copenhagen this month and have had the pleasure of seeing several films at the documentary film festival Cph:Dox. Here are some of them, and I recommend all of them, well apart from the last one!

Au Pair

Director: Nicole Horanyi, Heidi Kim Andersen


Director: Mads Brugger I Denmark 

Our School

Director: Mona Nicoara, Miruna Coca-Cozma | 2011

1/2 Revolution

Instr.: Omar Shargawi & Karim El Hakim | Danmark 2011

The Ways Of Wine

Director: Nicolás Carreras | Argentina 2010

Nov 19, 2011

FATHER - Part 2

This is my father. Here he's in deep concentration, trying to glue a broken porcelain bowl. 

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Nov 18, 2011

Speaking at Young Readers Conference, Oslo

Yesterday I spoke at the Young Readers Conference in Oslo, which is a conference about how newspapers can attract young readers. My talk was about Zero Hora, which has won several prizes for their innovative work with the young. I visited Zero Hora in Brazil in february. You can see more info on my visit on Zero Horas blog :) The picture here is of me with Zero Hora's online editor Pedro Dias Lopes. Wow, I'm enthusiastic about newspapers!!

Nov 17, 2011

Eleanor Coppola was at Pecha Kucha

We had Eleanor Coppola, the wife of film director Francis Ford Coppola, talking at Pecha Kucha last time. We were so pleased and honoured to have her as one of the speakers.
She now has an exhibition in Oslo, the large interactive installation named Circle of Memory. It's on until december 11th. Go see it! And... We're hosting the next Pecha Kucha in Oslo on december 1st. Be there!

Nov 15, 2011


I walked by these kids a couple of months ago in Oslo. They were so sweet I had to ask the boy's mum if I could photograph them. They have been friends since they were born and they told me they were also boyfriend and girlfriend :)

Photography by Christina Skreiberg

Nov 14, 2011

MNZ Store, NYC

This is my favourite store in New York, run by Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Each single peace she's taken in is beautiful and it's presented so well; just layed out here and there, as if it was a gallery. It's on lower east side, on 123 Norfolk Street.

Nov 13, 2011

Hot Friture

Vigdis and Mads, whom I featured in my previous post, runs Hot Friture
Check out this very cool shoot :)

This is their statement:
Hot friture is used in both french and danish cuisine, but apart from that the differences between the cuisines are plentiful. french cuisine stands for “a little”, danish for “a lot”. where the french have a glass of white wine with a great bouquet from a specific terroir with their meal, the danish might settle for a glass of beer, and it does not even have to be cold. Apart from hot friture - and regardless of whether you prefer pâté de foie gras or red hot-dogs - the two cultureshave something else in common, uncompromising quality. Hot Friture (the brand) can also be described in culinary terms. based on the number of ingredients it is quite simple - there are only three. based on how accessible the ingredients are it is more exclusive – they are both imported (one is a norwegian) and matured on foreign soil (one has spent years in italy). add to this high spirits for extra spice, humour for an extra dimension and temperature (it is hot friture, you know) for unexpected reactions and you get something unique – it’s elegantly rough, it’s simple but subtle or sometimes clothing with panache. Regardless of whether it is grilled, fried or simply hot, this dish makes an excellent side order for the set 
menu titled “la belle vie”..

Nov 12, 2011

Hot Friture on a House Boat, Cph

This summer I came across the norwegian label Hot Friture, which is run by the norwegian-danish couple Vigdis and Mads who live on a house boat in Copenhagen. They bought the boat, which was then pretty run down, about two years ago, and has since renovated the whole thing on their own. At the same time they started up their own business, the clothing label Hot Friture. I think that's super impressive! 

As Vigdis so wisely said: "In the midst of it all, you've got to remember that you're in the middle of your dream!" I have thought that to myself several times since.

I took these pictures of Vigdis, Mads and their dog Mester in September. On friday it was published in Stavanger Aftenblad - which is the newspaper in the town Vigdis is from. 

All photos: Christina Skreiberg

Nov 10, 2011

Nordic Sound at Vega, Cph

We went to see Nordic Sound, a concert with lots of different Nordic singers/band, last week. Among them was Susanne Sundfør and it was absolutely beautiful. It was my danish friend Kiss who invited us, as she had done the installation work for the event. Here are some images of her work in progress, "borrowed" from the Vega website. 

Nov 8, 2011

Friends at Flaskebekk

I'm looking back at pictures from this summer. And feeling extremely fortunate. 
These pix are from one weekend in late august, when some of my favourite people in the world were hanging out, having dinner, sleeping over, fishing, swimming and cooking food at my family's lovely summer-house "Flaskebekk", at Nesodden in the Oslo-fjord. 

Meet Linn + Hansa and their super cool daughter Frida. And meet Colleen (Magnus, her guy, couldn't make it), Espen and myself. Looking forward to have you soon again.

Frida and I are making brownies in the kitchen. 

Colleen and Frida 
Frida and Espen borrowed my blue nail polish and made themselves look nice...

Then we went down to the sea to collect some mussels. We were watching....
 while the guys were hunting...
 .. we stood there in awe.. :)
 Then the guys had a swim in the Oslo-fjord
 Then we ate plums from the garden
 and were happy!
 and had a chat about something interesting...

Then it was time to cook. We made chips out of sweet potatoes. 

And made thai-inspired mussles. 

Then we stayed out on the balcony until late, but I have no pictures of that. The next morning Frida was the first one up. Espen and I volunteered to get up with her. We had a nice morning watching kids-tv. 

Then we headed down to the "badehus". Hansa is fishing for our breakfast. 

The only picture of me... That's how it is when you love to photograph. I'm chilling with the saturday paper, in mis-matching clothes, shoes with two different colours and Ugly-Betty glasses. Life is splendid. 

Hansa got one!!!

Frida is proud of her dad!!

Then Frida and Espen, who's been bonding big-time over blue nail-polish, went for a trip. 

High Five!
Photos by Christina Skreiberg