May 29, 2013

DIY - Make Pom Pom Party Decorations!

For 17th of May, which is Norway's Independence Day, we invited 20 friends ver for breakfast. To make our flat look it's part, I made pom pom's out of paper as window decorations. The colour scheme was red, white and blue, of course, as those are the colours of norway's flag. 
Here's a brief description of how to do it :)
Step 1: Take 10 sheets of tissue paper – lay on a flat surface. I used 20″ x 30″ sheets. Starting at the short end, make a fold at least 1.5 inches wide, and continue folding until you get to the end of the tissue. Make sure to press firmly with each fold.

Step 2: Wrap tightly around the center of the folded tissues.
Step 3: Make cuts at the end of the stack to round it. Do the same on the other end.

Step 4: Pull each piece of tissue GENTLY towards the center of the flower, separate each tissue sheet from the others, one at time. Voila!

May 28, 2013

Yup, we WON!!

It's been a couple of weeks since I went to off to Bergen and "mediedagene", a media conference which is in Bergen each year. Aftenposten Junior won the price "Best Newcomer", or "Årets nyskapning", which of course is pretty cool :)

May 8, 2013

Off to Bergen - hoping to collect an Award!

Aftenposten Junior has been nominated for one of the Media Awards, which are handed out in Bergen tonight. We're nominated in the category "Årets Nyskapning" / "Newcomer of the Year", and our fingers are crossed! 

7AM Breakfast on the Floor

We've been renovating for more than a year now! Pooha!

Lately we've been moving in and out of the flat, as the builders are doing the last things at the loft and our made-to-order staircase is being installed. We've lived for 4 months without a bathroom, but a lot fo the time we've borrowed our wonderful neighbour's bathroom as they spend most of their time in Copenhagen.

The other week we had to move all our stuff from the living room, so the staircase could make it's way. I'll show you the stairs soon - I photographed the whole process! Here I'm enjoying my breakfast early that morning, before heading off to work, and before the stairs arrived. And I'm six months pregnant in this picture.

One thing is for sure; We learn to accept the situation we're in, to be patient, to relax and make the most of it under ever-changing circumstances... And that is a taste of some invaluable wisdom!

May 7, 2013

Fashion Inspiration / Street Peeper

I've been in need of some urgent fashion inspiration lately. Spring is here, I've been living in boxes during the last few months because of our renovation work in the flat (which is soon done!!), and when pregnant not much of my usual stuff fits. Street Peeper is my go-to place for a fashion fix these days! Enjoy!

May 2, 2013

Konferansier i kveld - Oslo vs. Bergen

I'm hosting a Pecha Kucha event tonight. I'll write this one in norwegian (sorry). Here goes:

I kveld er det sesongåpning av Sukkerbiten med en presentasjon av noen av de mest inspirerende kulturprosjektene Oslo og Bergen har å by på!! Hvilken by tror du har mest å tilby på kultursiden: Oslo eller Bergen?

Jeg er konferansier  - og gleder meg!

Mer info her!


Ingeborg Apall-Olsen og Tuva Langfeldt // ByFabrikken
Silja Leifsdottir og Stephanie von Spreter // U.F.O.
Nicolai Engesvik // Ren Reklame
Olav Stikbakke // KOTE
Hanna Norberg og Aina Kristiansen // Stakkars oss
Ilse Johansen og Karoline Garnes // Emergence School of Leadership

Monica Hannestad // Manøver
Linda Soh Trengereid // BLOKK
Silje Grastveit // THE HUB
Maria Valding Seim // Raff Designuke
Evelyn Holm // Bergen Assembly
Espen Rahlff // R3W Arkitekter

Pecha Kucha Spesial OSLO vs BERGEN arrangeres av Norsk Form og Manøver.

May 1, 2013

Can you spare the Cost of a Pencil?

The adoption agency "Adopsjonsforum" got in touch with me last week, asking for some help. They don't just deal with adoptions, but they are also doing a lot to help kids in their home countries. At the moment they are building schools for kids in Gullo Shanto in Ethiopia.

To build these schools, they need financial support, and was wondering if I would like to be a blog-ambassador for this project. Of course I do, and I hope I can help!

Their goal is to collect 800 000 norwegian kroner. That will give 600 children in Ethiopia primary education. 
What can we do? Visit the website Vi bygger for barn and help finance books, pens, computers, teachers' wages, electricity, perhaps a fence, well... anything that's needed to set up a school. You can support with as little as 20 kroners, or up to 5000 kroners. It's up to you, everything helps! 

And me? I decided to sponsor books, money towards a playground and shoes! 

Photos: Terje Abusdal

Breakfast - Part IV

Although it's simple, Espen always makes it look so presentable! The rye bread is home made, and the greens are from our little indoor garden in the window sill.