Nov 30, 2013


I'm back! Ada is now 4 months, so it's been a while...
I've contemplated a little bit... About what this blog is about. Where to take it. What to post.

When I started this blog, I was starting out as a freelance journalist, and wanted somewhere I could share the pictures I took, the people I met who inspired me, pix from travels, the variety of my work, anything interesting I came across. Then, two years ago, I started working on Aftenposten Junior (the best newspaper for kids in the whole world, if you ask me :)). At the same time Espen and I renovated our home and then I became pregnant. So my working life changed - less variety; I went into the same office every day. And with the renovation and pregnancy I had less energy, and perhaps, inspiration, which is necessary. So the blogging went kind of down-hill.

I quit my job as "reportasjeleder" (commissioning editor?) just before Ada arrived, and in a few months I'll be freelancing again. Embarking on Chapter III of my work-life, I suppose :)

But until then, I'm hanging out with Ada. I'm unsure of how much of her I'll reveal here. Unsure of how exposed I want her to be. And this will never become a pink mummy-blog with baby-stuff only. But there will be some, as my focus and world has changed.

Ada comes along to almost everything I do. She's been traveling with us for a month in the US. She has already been to three weddings (slings and baby bjørn are sooo great - they love being carried everywhere), she has joined me at an interview-assignment in Copenhagen, where I interviewed the artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel (more on that later). I've "baby-worn" her while photographing a lady I "follow" in Harlem, NYC. She's been on my lap while I got a pedicure and joined me at jazz-concerts. Well, she's great :)

Here we are on the NYC-subway on our way to Harlem. Ada is wearing my sound-canceling-headphones to protect from the high pitched subway-sounds (but during our 2 weeks in the city we mostly walked - everywhere!!).