Apr 26, 2013

Week 23

In these pictures, we're still in the mountains. So I had to strike a "ski-pose" (we're doing this with humor - I hope you get that :)). The easter break did me really well. Actually, I wouldn't mind more time off. I still throw up once in a while and no food really tastes any good. The only good thing that comes out of that, is that it stops me from over-eating lots of easter-chocolates and junk. But I do look forward to the day when I enjoy food again - cause I love food!!

The baby moves around a lot, but each time I call for Espen, so he can feel it too, the baby stops. But it is nice to feel that it's active, and that there's something in there :)

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

Apr 24, 2013

Rustic Outdoor Pancakes

In our easter holiday, Espen, my mum, my brother and I, went for a cross country trek (a very short one) and decided to make a fire and make pancakes out in the mountains.

So, here we are :)

Apr 23, 2013

Week 22

When I was 22 weeks pregnant (now I'm 27), it was easter and we spent the week in the norwegian mountains. I strutted around in comfy outfits like these. And the shower had frozen over the winter, so there was no luxury :)

Each week I feel like it's growing bigger and bigger. I didn't do much skiing this easter. I walked like a frightened old lady on the hard snow, afraid of falling. But the weather was fantastic, so I spent some time hanging out by the cabin enjoying the bright days.

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

Apr 22, 2013

Come to our 2nd Hand Sale on Saturday!

Together with Ingvild Telle I'm hosting a clothing sale on saturday - in the shared office space at Øvrefoss, at Grunerløkka! We've gone through our closets, and I also have lots of nice stuff left from my last clothing sale, two years ago.

It starts at 11:30, and we'll be serving some home-made cakes etc. And play some nice music. It's a great occacion to hang out, meet some new people and enjoy the saturday :)

Come by - address is
Øvrefoss 6H, Oslo.

Apr 19, 2013

This is Emma Mattei...

Emma is from Malta, and I met her when we both lived in Copenhagen six years ago. We had both studied journalism at City University in London before ending up in Copenhagen - where we met at a gallery opening one night (as far as I recall?!).

Emma is this super interesting girl who speaks several languages, moves around, directs magazines. Now she runs Uncommon Guide Books. 

I haven't seen her in six years. Since then she's lived in Malta again, in Paris, and two weeks ago she moved back to London. Where I bumped into her, while I was there last weekend!
Randomly, in Stoke Newington, just down the street from where I used to live 8 years ago! The weird thing is, I had been thinking quite a lot about her during the last month, wondering how she was doing.

Random random random. I love life when these things happen and my path cross again and again with these wonderful people.

So: This is Emma Mattei (the picture is snapped from her facebook profile - taken by one of her friends).

Apr 18, 2013


POW, and my belly suddenly popped out! It is actually a lot of fun, and exciting to see these changes. And when Espen even says "Can't you always be pregnant?", then things are pretty good :)

Sometimes, on the way to work (on my 40 minute walk) I have to sit down to have a break. Cause I can feel it growing and stretching and sometimes aching.

The creature in there has started kicking, and is super active in the evening. Or in the middle of the night, when I sometimes wake and can't sleep again. Then I have company at least :)

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

Apr 16, 2013

Iris Apfel's Home

I dig style icon Iris Apfel. She's 91 and has GREAT style.

My blog actually started with a picture of her, years ago. Back then I found the picture so inspiring but I had no idea who she was.

Here's pictures from her Manhattan apartment.

For AD magazine

Text by Amanda Vaill/Photography by Roger Davies
Produced by Robert Rufino
Published June 2011

Photography by Roger Davies

Apr 15, 2013


The Photosynth app is pretty neat. Here's an old picture Espen took on our first trip together. We had known each other for about a week and went on a 4-day road trip to the west coast of Norway!

Apr 10, 2013


In week 18, I still throw up once in a while. Damn it! it happens a few times a week, in the mornings. For the first few months Espen had to bring me a biscuit and tea on my bedside each morning. Otherwise I would feel like I was fainting as I stumbled my way to the kitchen, with extremely low blood sugar. And then throw up. Great start. But hey, I get by. 

I haven't gotten any cravings yet. Usually I LOVE food and cooking, but now I'm happy with bread and norwegian brown cheese. Or pasta. Pretty boring stuff. I don't drink coffee. It tastes completely different to me now. 

Espen finds the whole food-thing almost more frustrating than I do! He can cook something which I normally love, and I end up picking in the food. Oh well :(

The bump is starting to show... Yippy!

In this picture we're on a weekend trip to the mountains with our friends; Colleen  Magnus 
and Linn ♥ Hansa. 

So yet again, a casual outfit. 
Colleen and Linn are wonderful friends of mine and also expecting! Here I am with Frida, Linn and Hansa's 4 year old daughter :)

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

4 days in London

Tonight I'm off to London with my mother and brother, for a mini-break! It's been a while since last time, and a very long time since I've been there as a "tourist". Usually I go to visit my dad, do some work or see old friends from when I used to live there.

Back in the day my friend Sandra and I used to run the free east-end magazine ditched! HEre are a few of the colourful covers. Those were the days :)

Apr 9, 2013

Thank you for... "the Best Day in my Life"

A couple of weeks ago I took two girls along to interview the norwegian handball star Camilla Herrem. The two girls LOVES Camilla Herrem - it's their idol - and they had been writing to us in Aftenposten Junior, asking if they could interview her. We managed to set it up. The girls were extatic!

The day after, one of the girl's mother popped by my office and handed me this easter basket! With a crd from the girls, thanking me for giving her the best day in her life!!

Ahh - how NICE! My heart melted on the spot :)

Apr 7, 2013


After week 12 I started practicing yoga again, after a looong 3 month break. 
Bikram yoga and Ashtanga yoga keeps me sane, both mentally and physically. Hopefully I can keep on doing it throughout the pregnancy. 

Bikram is pretty heavy, in 40 degrees. I was quite unsure if it was safe to continue the practice, but after plenty of research and as I've practiced for about 8 years now, I've concluded it will be fine. I'll get back to this in a later post! 

In week 12 we had our first ultra sound, privately. Quite sensational to see the tiny creature in there! It looked like a cool kid :) With a big smile!

In week 17 the bump is visible in the evenings, and kind of comes and goes throughout the day. 
In this picture we're about to head out cross country skiing in the mountains. Hence, the sporty outfit. 

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

Apr 5, 2013


I'll rewind back to when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It was barely visible. At week 16 the worst nausea was over. It's still there, but each morning isn't a battle like it was. For the first few months I had a hard time getting through the days. I was wondering; is it possible to be this tired? 

The weird thing was that I felt like something had occupied my body, while no one could see it.

3 times during those first few weeks I ended up eating at Mc Donalds. Something I never do! But that's how it goes when the blood sugar drops instantly and Mc Donals is way too convenient. 

Photos by future dad, Espen Nord Eidene

Apr 1, 2013


I haven't had much presence here. The thing is; as of the last 5 months, I've been carrying around something magical in my stomach! This summer, Espen and I are expecting a baby! I've felt that this is private, but as my stomach now grows in a steady pace, and as my presences here has been ever so limited because of lack of energy, and our life slowly but steadily changes: it's time to share the news! 

We are making a photo-diary every week of the growing belly. I've been a bit unsure if this is something we should keep to ourselves. Is it too private? I've figured not. Everyone can see it now, and I'd like to be personal here. 

The photo-diary is inspired by fantastic photos on Pacing the Panic Room (the blog seems to be currently blocked). The whole blog is really nice, I've discovered. The couple photographed the growing belly week by week, and we've been inspired to do the same!

So I'll rewind to when I was 16 weeks pregnant, which is when we started! That will be the next post... 

But first, a picture we took yesterday, out in the norwegian mountains. Don't take this too seriously; we're just having fun with this :)

Photos by Espen Nord Eidene