Sep 11, 2008

New York Fashion Week

new york fashion it is. and thanx to my unbelievably well connected friend stefan, we get to go quite close to everywhere.
last night was goodiebags at givenchy's party, kai kune show, etc, etc. today it is wood wood show, g-star show etc etc.

have also been running around backstage at the PHI show today, as I'm doing a story on them.
during the show vogue's anna wintour sat next to me. ha ha perhaps not. she sat a few rows in front of me :) but nevertheless

Sep 2, 2008

NEW YORK - in september

just arrived. it is steaming hot here at lower east side. staying until october 3rd. to write. to spin a record or two. to hang out and see friends.

it's also fash. week, etc etc. my german friend stefan and I have just been out to eat at one of our favourite places; lovely day.

pictures will come up later

life is beautiful.