Dec 10, 2009

I love books

.. and I love words, and fantastic sentences, and the smell of paper...
I hope I get to read lots of them over x-mas.

Dec 5, 2009


Beautiful Francoise Hardy.

Check out my pix at Gallery BOA, Oslo

Thursday evening was the opening night of the exhibition HERRE I EGET HUS @ Galleri BOA.

It's an exhibtion documenting works that has already been done, and this time it's about the documentation part of it rather than the work. I have these three pix there...

I did this a couple of years ago one late night in a park in Copenhagen. I'm super drawn to bright colours and also nature, so for me it was completely obvious that these large logs would need some colour. I looove the texture of the big logs, and especially with colours on them.

I did it just to cheer people up, and cause it made myself happy, and cause I couldn't resist. Pictures of it ended up in the danish newspaper Politiken.

More info about gallery BOA and the exhibition:

Electro DJ + violin = performance w/ Marte Krogh

Marte & I have done this a few times now. She playes the violin on top of some electronic music I play.

Last night we were hired in to do so at the norwegian engineer company Aker's x-mas bash. We got all dressed up, in sparkly dresses, and had fun, and forgot to take ix. It's always interesting to do this unexpected performance in front of lots of different audiences. This time it was men in suits, and dressed up women. A nice crowd, working for this big company.

Dec 1, 2009

My mismatch outfit

plaid school-girl skirt, leopard tights, plaid vans, and bright coloured lining in the coat. yum yum bubblegum