Aug 31, 2011

I Enjoy my Reading Time!

By the seaside. Red wine. Wolly socks. Innsikt magazine. I like.

Photo by Espen

Aug 25, 2011


6 interviews in 6 families in 3 days in Stavanger and Kristiansand.
zzzz, tired. Next week Bergen. The week after, Trondheim. 

Aug 23, 2011

Burma Boarder

I never posted these pix. I took them last november, standing on the boarder of Burma and Thailand. The road crossing was closed at this point, but the burmese travelled in these tubes across this river that divides the countries, to get to Thailand where most of them work, earn more money, then head back in the evening.

Pictures by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 22, 2011

Travelling allover the country with IKEA

These days I'm doing a job for IKEA. It's starting today: for two weeks I'm visiting 15 families allover Norway. Interviewing them. So together with photographer Kai-Otto Melau I'll be flying to Stavanger, Kristiansand, Bergen, Trondheim. This is from a visit to a family in Oslo. This girl was hanging on my arm during the whole visit, which was pretty nice! See... I can do more than just interview people. I'm ALSO nice!

Photo by Kai-Otto Melau

Aug 20, 2011

Hanging at Flaskebekk

This is my summer house. Hanging out with Mai. Eating cheese doodles, which I do LOVE!

Aug 19, 2011

Meeting Sandra in Stockholm

Hi! I went to Stockholm earlier this week. Here we are, on our way to dinner. Haven't seen her in a year, when she came to visit me in Oslo.

Meet Sigurd Fandango

Great photographer. Nice guy. He just bought himself a caravan. Here we are in Stockholm. We're off to interview/photograph someone and we've just been to the photo museum. So we're pretty happy about our day.

Aug 18, 2011

DJing 2nite + Marte Krogh Violin Performance

Marte and I are performing at an event tonight. As we've done before; she plays the violin while I DJ. This picture is NOT us, but from browsing on the internet it seems as if the combination is a hit for other happy Dj/violin girls too :)

Aug 17, 2011

Nice Moment

I should be working right now, but well, instead I'm looking through some old pix... this is from walking in the mountains last summer.

Aug 16, 2011

Stockholm 2day & tomorrow

I'm here to do an interview with someone (can't tell) for D2. Together with photographer Sigurd FandangoAnd will also get to see my very good friend Sandra Domeij, whom I'm having dinner with and staying with. We used to run ditched magazine together in London. 

And ah, I'll head to the photo musem Fotografiska and the modern art museum; Moderna Museet

Aug 15, 2011

The Bag

Perhaps I'll get tired of this in a few months? Weeks? Days? Hope not... Here I'm cycling in Cph. Dress from Wood Wood.


Ta da; A-S in Balenciaga! Outside her flat in Copenhagen. Love it xx

iPhone pix by xtina

Summer Wedding

My friends Victoria and Lasse got married a couple of weeks ago. Congrats! 

 I wore this, a heart for the occasion... 

Aug 12, 2011

Playing at Jaeger later on 2day...

Playing with my cousin later on. Then we're off to the Øya Festival. Juhuu. These pix are from when we played at an event during Copenhagen during fashion week in february xxx

Aug 7, 2011

Neon Cousins

A-S and I, spotted during Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is from

Aug 4, 2011


Yesterday I flew from London, via Oslo, to Copenhagen. It's fashion week + I'll visit my lovely cousin Anne-Stine. Here's some pix from my last visit to Copenhagen, earlier this year. I've posted some of them before but I like them so much. We're riding A-S's bike. Quite enjoyable!

Aug 3, 2011

Nature - I Love You!

One rainy day we went out in the forest and found heaps of cantarells! Ahh, I love how nature is full of things we can look at, enjoy, eat. Nature; I Love You!

Aug 2, 2011

An Orange Fisherman

This is Espen. He loves fishing. And the seagulls love him. 

Photos Xtina Skreiberg