Mar 30, 2012

Photographing Occupy Wall Street

In october I spent 4 weeks in New York, and covered Occupy Wall Street for Aftenposten's Innsikt magazine. I hung around the demonstration for days and these people felt as if they were part of making history - which they are/were. I really enjoyed doing this piece and were touched by everyone I had long conversations with. They are fighting for their rights, for justice.

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Mar 29, 2012

The Importance of Organic

Damn. All these chemicals we're exposed to worries me. What happened to natural? Have a look at this one...

Mar 28, 2012

A portrait for Viking Magazine, USA

I've taken this portrait picture of artist Sol Kjøk, who's based in NYC, and it has just been published in the american magazine Viking Magazine. Quite a random job!

Mar 27, 2012

Winter Weekend, Mylla

A few weeks ago we were a group of 8 friends who headed to Mylla for a weekend. What we did? Cross-country skiing, playing in the snow, cooked, ate nice dinners, talked about renovation and interiour which occupies all of our lives right now, drank wine and played games!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Mar 26, 2012

First Outdoor Breakfast

We enjoyed breakfast on a sunny balcony during the weekend! A tasty one as well :) I LOVE long breakfast with the newspaper!!!

Mar 25, 2012

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Last week I was in Berlin for two days, to interview & photograph some talented artist-dudes. I stayed at Michelberger hotel  which had been recommended to me by several people here in Norway. It was super nice. The rooms were clean and nice, nothing amazingly large or comfortable, but fresh. But the lounge and restaurant area was a super nice place to hang out. But their breakfast... that was the best! I spent over an hour, as everything was so nice! I would return just for that!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg