Apr 24, 2012

Aftenposten Junior - launching today!

The last few months I've been working on developing norway's first newspaper for kids! Aftenposten Junior is launching today and we're pretty excited about it. The last few months has been hectic; we've twisted our minds, thrown lots of ideas into the air, spoken to lots and lots of kids to find out what they think and want to read about, and we've had fun! :)

Apr 23, 2012

Nice Moment

Espen and I are collecting oysters at the west-coast of Denmark!

Apr 22, 2012

Collecting Oysters in Vadehavet, Denmark

Espen and I spent the month of november last year in Copenhagen. One weekend we travelled across Denmark to the west coast, Vadehavet, where you can collect oysters! As big as chicken fillets! Unbelievable huh?

We had a really fun day, and I couldn't help running around taking pictures as well as looking for oysters. This became a feature in the norwegian magazine D2 on the day before x-mas. Here's a link to the online version: Text and photos by Christina Skreiberg :)

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Apr 21, 2012

Taylor Tomasi-Hill

Digging the style of Taylor Tomasi-Hill, the style and accessories director for US Marie Claire magazine.

Apr 18, 2012

Andrea's new NYC-home

This is my friend Andrea in her new flat in East Village. Lovely place, lovely area! She moved in a week ago, so the other night we had our take-away dumpling-dinner on her floor. We're pretty damn excited.

iPhone pix by Christina

Apr 16, 2012

NYC - the city of contrasts!

I was walking in Soho the other day. From one designer shop to the other, browsing around. Then suddenly this lady is in front of me, browsing for other valuables.
I walk further up to Houston street, and bump into another one. A new trend in the city?

iPhone photos by Christina Skreiberg

Apr 15, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Kara Walker

Yesterday I went to an opening at the Brooklyn Museum (wich is so worth a visit). In their permanent collection they had a painting by Kara Walker, which the friend I was with put to my attention. 

Walker makes black-paper silhouettes that at first glance might remind you of the antique portraits hanging in your grandmother’s living room. But look closer. You’ll see that Walker’s art is complicated by race, sex and the history of slavery in the plantation-era South. Much of it critiques historical narratives of slavery and the ongoing perpetuation of ethnic stereotypes.

Apr 13, 2012

My Purpose in NYC this time around...

..is to hang out with this lady. This is Marjorie and she lives in Harlem. I met her for the first time 3 years ago and now I've "invaded" her life. I'll reveal more about her and my project at some other point. I'm not ready yet :)

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

My mobile Office: Brooklyn, NYC

I'm getting used to working in all kinds of places. Today, it's at Sit and Wonder in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. A lovely coffee shop around the corner from where I'm staying this week.

Apr 9, 2012

Off to NYC for 10 days!

I'm going to work on a photo project. On a story I've become fascinated by and have just decided to spend time on. I'm sure I'll learn a lot during the next few days.

Apr 5, 2012

Happy Easter

I'm off to the mountains to spend easter with my family + boyfriend.
This picture was taken earlier this winter, when i went skiing one evening in minus 20 degrees. It took a few days until i got the heath back :)

Apr 3, 2012

Renovation - Part I

This is what we've been doing in our new flat lately...