Jan 31, 2011

Finally Done Knitting this Scarf!!

It's taken me about a year. Little by little. But now this explosion of colours is ready and I wear it a lot to brighten up the winter. And my coat, I love that too :)

Jan 30, 2011

I'm in Copenhagen for a week

Arrived today. Here it's much milder and the sun is shining. Super nice. I'm here to hang out with cousin Anne-Stine, see some friends and to see a few shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week. And Oh, we're DJ'ing one evening too. We've had brunch at lovely Kalaset, been for a long stroll today, had two coffee at Coffee Collective, had bean soup at the organic place Soupanatural, and are now hanging out at home. Here, a snap from the walk. 

Jan 28, 2011

Tino Sehgal

My very good friend Ruth Hege is curating the exhibition of the Berlin based artist Tino Sehgal which opens at Kunstnernes Hus tomorrow! I'm jut off now to hear the curator&artist talk. 
His works, which he calls constructed situations, involve one or more people carrying out instructions conceived by the artist. 
Tino Sehgal, Kiss (performance), 2006 4th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.

In it for the Ride

A trip to the snow-clad beautiful mountains of Valdres, to go skiing, but not the least, to be taken for a ride by my friend Lasse - is always nice :) 

Jan 27, 2011

Gothenburg for a day

I went to Gothenburg for a job a few months ago. Forgot to post this. It was sunny and perfect. And I got to see my swedish friend Linn, who lives there. Lovely! 
( I just realized there were quite a few "got's" in these sentences :))
Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Jan 26, 2011

Off to Brazil

Hmm, I'll be going to Brazil in a month. Where more than 800 people have died in the flood. Here's some pix from another flood a few years back, found here!

It didn't say who took these pix!! I would have loved to give the person credit!

Jan 25, 2011

When Friends turn 30...

we have a bash, lasting throughout the night. This time it was one of my best friends Colleen's b-day. I didn't get to bed until 9am the next day! I Haven't partied like that since I was in my late teens!
Here I'm joking around with my friend Hansa. Check out Andrea in the back, working the colonial look. 

Jan 24, 2011


Oh, I just dig this way of presenting a collection!

Jan 22, 2011

Get $3500 if you find this dog!!

I walked past this signpost the other day... Someone has lost their really beloved dog. If you find it, you'll receive 20 000 NOK! Not bad, huh!

iPhone pic by me

Jan 20, 2011

Dan Colen at Astrup Fearnley

Tonight my friend Ruth-Hege and I are heading to the Dan Colen exhibition opening at my favorite Oslo-gallery Astrup Fearnley. Colen is an artist based in New York. His work consists of painted sculptures appropriating low-cultural ephemera, graffiti-inspired paintings of text executed in paint, and installations.

Woops, don't know where these pix are from! Sorry

Jan 19, 2011

The Tale of the Tiles

Today is a cool day! Cause Joachim and our friend Lasse have imported 8,5 tons (!!!!! ) of beautiful tiles from Spain. I've always loved tiles, and when I've been out traveling to exotic places with beautiful looking floors, I've been a bit annoyed of the impossibility of bringing some home in my luggage. Cause this stuff is way too heavy. 

But now it's coming my way anyway :) And you can buy them too - from far-far.no! Their super nice site came live last night. Click on an a tile, and check out how your floor might look :)

This picture I took as I was dreaming of tiles a few years ago...

Dumbo Feathers, pass it on

Dumbo Feathers is one of my favorite magazines! It comes out a few times a year, and is made up of several long interviews with people who has a drive for something. It's more like a book, and full of inspiring stories, with good happy and positive energy! Dear Joachim knows how much I love it, and gave me a 2-year subscription last x-mas. 

Jan 18, 2011

My Friend Wendy

When a group of us went out for a couple of drinks the other night, Wendy (our kiwi friend) was working the Grey Gardens look. Check her out :)

iPhone picture by me!

Jan 17, 2011



These days Marie Amelie, who has lived in Norway for almost 10 years without any legal documents, is waiting for an eviction to Russia. She came here as a refugee with her parents. 

While living here she has managed to get a degree, several jobs and job offers. And, last year she came out with a book, revealing how it is to get by in a country as an illegal and paperless. As a result of this book, and this revelation, she was taken by eight police men last week.

I hope for more humane laws - and I hope she can stay!

Photo by Ingeborg Refsnes / Adressa

Jan 15, 2011

Concrete Wallpapers

Check out these concrete wallpapers, made by norwegian photographer Tom Haga. A few months ago I did a piece on him for Aftenposten. 

The wallpapers are super cool - here's one photo from his own place.

Photo: Tom Haga

Jan 14, 2011

In Vogue

Emanuelle Alt takes over as Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue, after Carine Roitfeld. 

Jan 13, 2011


Found this at ffffound.com! I like the spraypainted fingers!

Jan 12, 2011

Sugar High!

Sometimes us Norwegians venture across the boarder, to Sweden, to buy candy, food, booze and way too many other things. We did so before x-mas and went mad in the candy store...

Photos taken by my iPhone

Jan 11, 2011

Oslo Underground

At the train-station in Oslo. 

iPhone photos by Christina Skreiberg

Jan 10, 2011

The Sartorialist - behind the scenes

I love The Sartorialist, which enables me to people-watch at cool looking people all over the world, from my living room/ work-desk/bed/wherever :) In this short and very nicely done film, you will see how several of the recent images on his blog were made.

Jan 9, 2011

Architectural Treat in the Jungle

When I was in Thailand, on the boarder of Burma, I visited a tiny village called Noh Bo. Here, the norwegian Ole-Jørgen Edna runs an orphanage for burmese children who have fled from Burma. Years ago a few came knocking on his door, he let them stay, and more and more kids kept coming. Now he houses 57 kids. Find out more about his project at blessedhomes.org

These very cool bamboo huts are made by the architects at TYIN tegnestue. They've been mentioned in plenty of architectural mags. Nice, huh. All images by Pasi Aalto.

Photos by Pasi Aalto

Grey Gardens

The other night I watched Grey Gardens, the 70's documentary about mother and daughter Big Edie and Little Edie. I've been wanting to see this for years, and then there it was, in my friend's bookshelf. 
The film documents the mother and daughter with high-society connections, related by blood to Jackie O., yet live in a mansion eaten through by raccoons and cats and piled high with tin cans and newspaper. 
Little Edie became famous for the way she puts together her outfits, from random things laying about.  To her, they were the absolutely right "costume for the day."

ME - in 2006

I found this picture I took of myself about five years ago. I had dyed my hair darker before this and it was slowly coming off. I'm still loving that colorful shirt, which I bought in San Francisco. 

Jan 5, 2011

Gilles & Cecilie for Paul Smith

Gilles and Cecilie, a french norwegian couple living in London, have made this fantastic installation for Paul Smith in Milan. The first picture is from the-making-of. And in the film, you'll se the process. I love their work! Enjoy!

Photos by Gilles and Cecilie

Constellations: Orion and Cassiopeia by Gilles & Cecilie Studio from Gilles and Cecilie Studio on Vimeo.

Jan 4, 2011

Afghan Star

I recently saw the documentary Afghan Star. It gives a great insight into Afghanistan after Taliban. The contest both unites the country, introduces them to democratic decision making and became a super hype. There were only two women competing in the song contest, and one of them, when she was voted out, danced on stage - which meant that she was risking her life, as dancing is not accepted. 

The dancing HERO!

Jan 2, 2011

My Friend Linn

This is one of my best friends, Linn, and her cool daughter Frida. Linn, her man and Frida has recently moved back to Oslo after many years in Copenhagen. It's lovely to have her back!

Photo by Christina Skreiberg