Apr 30, 2011


In Madrid I went to the oh so nice gallery called CaixaForum where there is a retrospective exhibition by Jacques Henri Lartigue at the moment. He started taking photos when he was 7, and usually it's episodes from his own life. He is well known for capturing things in action, people who jump, etc. And, the walls in the gallery were filled with his really nice quotes on happiness and life. Have a look....

Photos by Jacques Henri Lartigue

Apr 29, 2011

British Love

My friends living in London (they are a married couple and neither of them are actually British), are preparing big-time for the wedding in Britain today. They are throwing their own little party! Check it out! :)

Apr 27, 2011

Bikram Yoga in Madrid

I went to Madrid for work last week. And I also managed to do two sessions of Bikram. The first session was in this studio in north Madrid, the other one was at this place:

Apr 26, 2011

A Typical & Perfect Norwegian Easter

I've been off to the mountains for a few days with my parents. My mum cooks fantastic food so it's always a treat. We've been cross-country skiing although the snow is almost gone, we've read books, watched films, talked and slept! And I got hint of tan. One of the days I sat outside the cabin in my bikini... ie; perfect easter conditions! Here's some pix of me, more me (with greasy hair - I couldn't care less while chilling up there) and my mum and I. And she's the one who's knitted my oh so norwegian and very nice Marius sweater! I love it. 

Pix by Christina Skreiberg, Canon G9

Fresh Flowers in my Flat

I got these from my friends for my b-day last month! What a treat!

Apr 25, 2011

From one meeting to another...

I have busy days. Rushing from one interesting meeting to another. Listening to 'Champion' by Kanye West, over and over. And by the way, the colour purple is said to make really strong and good impressions on people. Perhaps it works?!

Apr 24, 2011

Strolling in Rio

I snapped these while I was walking around. As always, I love neon-coloured details!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg, Canon G9

Apr 23, 2011

'Women are Heroes' by JR

I LOVE JR's work... the french photographer who has done huge photo projects in slums and cities allover the world, engaging the people who live them in the projects. Imagine a whole favela with huge photographs pasted on the walls, roofs, busses etc. Its just superb!! I have followed his work since I went to his first solo-echibition in my local bar in London. That was 6 years ago. 
Now his film Women are Heroes is out. Check it out!!

Bande Annonce Women Are Heroes por womenareheroes

Apr 21, 2011

Living with Karen-people in the Thai Jungle

A couple of months ago I met Line, a norwegian architect who lives in the jungle in Thailand, on the boarder of Burma. She has been living there for more than two years now, after arriving there to work on a housing project and then decided to stay. Now she lives with a Karen-refugee family and builds houses in collaboration with the people in the village. Check out her blog & what she does here! I stayed there for two days and a night, getting to know her little village and her 'family'. Line is one of the most cheerful, energetic and positive people I have EVER met!!



Photos by Christina Skreiberg, Canon 5D, 16-35 mm lens + 50 mm lens

Apr 19, 2011

Apr 18, 2011

Wasteland by Vik Muniz

I LOVE this project by brazilian artist Vik Muniz. He has worked with the people working at a huge garbage dump in Rio and together with them made art & portraits of all the junk.
When I was in Brazil the film was just released so I saw it in portuguese. Understood about half of it! I love when art is combined with social issues and responsibility, and when there is human interactions what change people's lives - like in this case. You should definately see the film!! And read more about him in The New York Times!

Portrait of Vik Muniz by Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Apr 16, 2011

Apr 15, 2011

Vegetable Orchestra

The Vegetable Orchestra is so nerdy. But oh so cool. Here they are recording their third album Onion Noise.

Apr 14, 2011

Jardim Botanico in Rio

When I was in Rio I went to the very green and nice botanical garden. I had been told it was super nice, but I ended up there kind of by mistake. I took the bus from Urca to Ipanema, but jumped on the wrong one. So I jumped off here. Sometimes mistakes are great! You end up seeing a lot more!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg, Canon G9