Feb 28, 2010

light entertainment - part 3

Looking back. The year was 2005. We lived in London, and on sundays Line, Julie and I made new kids on the block inspired DIY music videos such as these:

Feb 27, 2010

What it's like to be poor in one of the richest countries in the world

Read my piece today in Aftenposten's saturday supplement - about kids growing up in poor families in Norway.
There's about 85 000 of them.

I've spoken to two teenagers about their youth, and how it is to grow up in a society where almost everyone else can buy/eat/do whatever they want almost whenever they want. And I've visited Fattighuset (poor house) which hands out food to about 500 people every friday.

If you have things you do not need anymore, but works perfectly fine - give it to someone to needs it. It's good to care, you might ease someone else's day.

Feb 24, 2010

Teaching a 2 day writing course

25. & 26. of feb I'm teaching a two day writing course in Horten.
Initiated by Hilde Dalen, running the organization KREM.

It's for a group of 15 people, aged between 16 - 26.
They have all dropped out of school / are out of work - so the course is meant to engage them, strengthen their skills, and make them aware of what they're good at.

We focus on


we'll have fun + play lots of games



writing session

Feb 17, 2010

Oslo Fashion Week - opening night

Last night was the opening night of OFW, and I went to see the debut show of copenhagen based designer Veronica B. Vallenes .
Nice. & my cousin Anne Stine did the styling. /

Feb 14, 2010

Feb 13, 2010

Digging designer Ingunn Birkeland

Read my piece in Aftenposten's saturday supplement LEVE today, about designer Ingunn Birkeland.
Not only does she make fairytale ballerina dresses, but also huge artworks made of colourful ribbons. I was instantly drawn to them! And she knits, and makes super nice homemade bread etc etc. Not at all limiting her creativity.

Just my kind of girl!

Feb 12, 2010

Nighttime photocourse amongs dinosaurs 2nite

The Natural history museum in Oslo is in the middle of the beautiful Botanic Garden. It's is around the corner from my flat. Sometimes I go running there during summer, or spend a day in the park, or I walk around just to look at the fantastic grand old buildings and all the different sorts of flowers.

Tonight there's a free photocourse, where we'll work in the darkness making use of the flash.

I just couldn't say no to a 'night at the museum'!

Feb 11, 2010

Volunteering in Tøyenkirken

Last night I ended up volunteering at the 'soup-for-free' evening at Tøyenkirken, a tiny lovely little church just down the road from my flat. Every wednesday homemade soup is served for anyone that drops in, and later on it's coffee and cakes. I saw some faces I've seen before, when I spent some of my x-mas with the homeless. Very nice.

Feb 9, 2010

Bjarne Melgaard @ Astrup Fearnley Museum

Went to see the NY based norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard's solo exhibition the other day. At the opening night the gallery was completely packed, so I guess the exhibition is a success, as there was barely a chance to see anything.

I love the Astrup Fearnley Museum, it's one of the best things in Oslo!!

Feb 6, 2010

Light entertainment - part 2

Looking back. The year was 2005. We lived in London, and on sundays Line, Julie and I made new kids on the block inspired DIY music videos such as these:

Feb 5, 2010

Recycled colour-dog

Just my kind of dog! With a love for colours and also dogs - this would be the perfect one.
The recycled toy sculpture is made by Robert Bradford

Feb 3, 2010

All girls 'Mad Men' party @ Voss

My lovely friend Line turned 30 this week. She invited her 22 best girlfriends (yes, she's damn good at having & maintaining friendships) for a long weekend to the west coast, at Voss. She is probably one of the best hosts I know: Friday night the theme was 'loungy lingerie'ish sleepover attire' (veeery sexy and tasteful) and saturday night it was Mad Men theme. Line should have lived during that era.

Apart from wining and dining we went cross country skiing, snowboarding, hit the sauna and watched the classic girly movie dirty dancing.

Here she is, turning 30. We used to live together in London. And most of the time she lounged around looking as fabulous as this:

Knut Steen turned 85

I recently interviewed Knut Steen for Aftenposten. He is one of my favourite artists. I've also been to his place in Italy, seen him work. This time we met at Kampen in Oslo, where he grew up.

He just turned 85 and is still working every day. Here's some quotes for inspiration:

"Beauty is the only thing that can save the world"

"I'll work until the day I die. I never give up without a fight".

Feb 1, 2010

cool kid

I love this picture by photographer
Marisa Crawford