Aug 31, 2010


Henrik Vibskovs autumn/winter collection, The Slippery Spiral Situation, is in stores now. 

Aug 30, 2010

Seen from Above

Perhaps it's an odd form of narcissism... But I always seem to take pictures of myself, like this, from above.

Photo Christina Skreiberg

Aug 29, 2010

Making a lamp can take a whole day...

I embarked on this lamp project earlier this summer. It's perfect for a day in the sun, out in the open. I was inspired by the great DIY site, and their string lamp. I am a colour person though, and have plenty of yarn, so I wanted to make one in colours. I have it hanging in my living room and it's great!

Do check out Pickles for plenty of other things you can make for yourself. Last year I interviewed the two girls who run the site. 

You need yarn, huge balloons, etc

I made two while I was at it. Going quite well...

Damn it. One of the balloons pops. What's left is a chunk of yarn. 

The chunk looks quite beautiful though :) 

I I I I Have no picture of the final result at hand. But it does look superb!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 27, 2010

From Oslo to Cape Town

I've done a piece on the super creative and spontaneous interior architect Lotta. It's in Aftenposten this coming saturday. 
Lotta is about to turn her life upside down: She's had her job with Simon James Design for several years, and lives in this very personal and cool flat. But she feels like something new needs to happen. She knows she's meant to do something else in life, although she loves design. 
So, she's leaving Oslo and her beloved Chess tiled kitchen, and is heading for Cape Town. Hoping to make the world a better place to live for a few people, and help those who need it more. We had an inspiring conversation. 

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 26, 2010

Julie Pike

Check out the norwegian photographer Julie Pike's work! 

Photo by Julie Pike

Aug 25, 2010


Foam magazine is one of my favourite photography mags. Each time it pops up in my mailbox I smile! And then I head out to snap more pix :)

Aug 22, 2010

Walking in Jotunheimen

I've spent four days of my summer walking in the norwegian mountains of Jotunheimen. With heavy rucksacks on our backs, camping in our tent or sleeping in cabins along the way: at The Norwegian Trekking Association's (DNT) cabins. You just bring your DNT key, and lock yourself in. It's a wonderful concept!

Just follow the T's! It will lead you to a cabin or someplace safe.

First photo by Christina Skreiberg & the second one by Joachim Sandvik 

Aug 21, 2010

Paris Paris

Earlier this summer I was in Paris and did a piece on fashionista Marte Dahlgren, who works for Acne, and has lived there for several years. It's in Aftenposten today.

From here, she has a pretty nice view, huh...

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 20, 2010

A day at the library - in my mobile office

I have no office space these days, as I've moved from where I used to sit for the past two years. I now have grand plans to find the perfect space, together with a few other independently working inspiring people - one is an illustrator, one is an animator, etc etc. So these days we're trawling the streets looking for a studio space to fall in love with. 
Until then, my work-life if pretty nomadic. I'm testing different coffee places, try to concentrate at home or go to the library. Which I did the other day. 

The library at Grunerløkka is from the 1920'ish, and has beautiful furniture. It's a treat to sit there. I'm a fan of libraries - the ambiance and the fact that it's all for free. Check out my chair for the day :)

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 19, 2010

Batlak og Selvig

Last night the designer duo Batlak og Selvig had their fashion show, during Oslo Fashion Week. It was at Gallery Riis as usual, which is a great contemporary art gallery in town. 
The designers had their own take on what's expected from a fashion show (they always do): This time the clothes stood still, while we walked around in the gallery. The Crown Princess, Mette Marit, also showed up!

Charlie and I used to live together in the flat I'm now selling. Charlie (who's a girl :)) and Admir are incredibly clever and hard working, and their clothes - call it haute couture - are made of beautiful and delicate self made fabrics and prints. With a lot of attention to details.They also have their own shop. Do stop by if you have a chance!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 16, 2010

On the Job

The other day I interviewed the norwegian actress Agnes Kittelsen for a magazine. Here is a behind the scenes pic from the photo shoot, taken in a hurry in photographer Sebastian Ludvigsen's studio. It's always great and smooth to work with clever people! 

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 14, 2010

Øya Øya Øya

Øya Festivalen, the yearly music festival in the old part of Oslo, has just come to a close. It started on wednesday with heavy rain... I was dressed in rain gear from top to toe. Quite fun. It ended today; which was sunny, fantastic and hot. To me, today's best performance was the norwegian duo Ost & Kjex, who had a whole gospel choir, dressed in bright yellow, with them on stage. 
What a day!!

My festival gear

Øya & Oslo at sunset

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Aug 12, 2010

Ingvild Telle Rocks my Blog

It's my new muse/assistant, Ingvild Telle, who has pimped up the look of my blog! 

I wanted bigger pix and a cleaner look - and she knew how! She's the expert: Ingvild has a beautiful blog, and she started blogging long before everyone else did. She has studied journalism in Dublin & wants to become a freelance writer. Therefore, once a week she works with me. Win Win!

Here's a taster from her blog:

Ingvild wth her lavendel plant & new dress ..

Ingvild loves Vanilla Coke

She takes great pictures with her cool camera

And is even creative :)

Photos by Ingvild Telle

My LOVELY flat is up for sale!

I have loved the past 2 ½ years in this flat at Tøyen. What I fell in love with was the amazing bookshelf. I’ve stacked it full of books, yarn and paint. The terrace is also wonderful, and the kitchen. I’ve lived there on my own and also with my good friend and the very talented designer Charlie Selvig.

Now it’s time for something else. Whoever gets it is a lucky one. I’m leaving lots of good energy behind :)
Check it out here!

And by the way - I've made the lamp in the living room.

Photo by Sem & Johnsen