Dec 22, 2013


Ada and I were asked to feature in a fashion-spread in the january issue of the magazine "Mamma".
It is out now!

The photos are by Nina Ruud (whose photography-style I've loved for a long a while already), styling by Hanne Aspelund and text/concept by Heidi Pettersen.

They all came over to our place for a day of shooting and dressing the two of us up - cause this is not my every-day lounge-around-the-house-look :). It was a fun day, and went super smooth, considering Ada needing her naps&nursing quite often. The "behind the scenes"-pix will be up on the blog soon!

Photos by Nina Ruud

Dec 17, 2013


Food Studio is a super nice food&event concept here in Oslo. 
They invite food enthusiasts to Table Talks, a place to meet new acquaintances, share culinary experiences and enjoy the wonders of good and honest food. They offers workshops, courses and creative sessions, all related to topics within the world of gastronomy, where they collaborates with knowledgeable chefs. And also; Food Lab's, where good food meets good ideas. Do check it out!

Together with my other freelance "colleagues" at our shared studio named "Øvrefoss", we joined Food Studio for a x-mas event. We mingled, got tips from the chefs at Smalhans on how to make the traditional x-mas dinner a tad more fun and tasty, we drank x-mas toddy outdoors by the bonfire and had a lovely meal!

All images are by friend and fellow freelance journalist; Ingvild Telle

Learning new tricks:
Toddy made on the fire!
Ingvild in the middle there :)

Øystein and Myself

Nice stuff...
The chef is about to serve... 

Ada and Espen came by, as Ada needed a portion of food from her mama :) Here she's hanging out on Anna's lap. 

Espen and I. 
Nice atmosphere!

Photos by Ingvild Telle

Dec 8, 2013


Here are some photos from Pecha Kucha on thursday. There were 12 great, fun, warm, funny and strong speakers. And for me, nice to be out and about again, and to be hosting :)

This is me in a woolly purple dress which I've "inherited" from my cousin.
And then comes the speakers...

Photos by Kim Grønneberg

Dec 5, 2013


Tonight we're hosting the last Pecha Kucha this year. I'm really looking forward to it, as I skipped the previous one, as it was so close after Ada's birth.
But today I'm so looking forward to hosting and presenting again, see familiar faces, listen to the talks and get a dose of inspiration.

Here's a picture from an earlier Pecha Kucha, where the very colourful and inspiring designer Ingunn Birkeland spoke. Her talk was really inventive; she dressed in one of her creations, brought a couple of hand-painted chairs on stage, some cava for us to drink, and invited me up to "interview her" with a manuscript she had already written. It was super funny.

And that's exactly what we're looking for when we invite people to talk... That they think of creative ways to share their stories within the very tight format of 20 slides.

Dec 4, 2013


And some more on Julian Schnabel... This is where he resides and works, in Palazzo Chupi on Manhattan. He's designed the exterior and interior himself. Sometimes he has art exhibition's on the first floor - check it out if you're in NYC.

Photos: Sorry, I've found them in random places on the net. I would love to show, but don't mean to steal. If anyone knows, please let me know where they're from... 

Dec 2, 2013


The artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel is eccentric: He often dresses in pyjamas, he lives in a huge pink house named "Palazzo Chupi" on Manhattan in NYC, makes huge artworks, has made several prize-winning films, is married for the third time to a danish model (Lykke Mai) who is half his age.

He was part of the same art-scene as Andy Warhol, and when he started making films, his first one was of the late Basquiat. If you haven't seen any of his films, do check them out - I recommend: Basquiat, the beautiful The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Before Night Falls.

I got to meet Schnabel in Copenhagen a few months ago, as he was having a exhibition at the Willumsen Museum in Denmark. I interviewed him for Aftenposten's monthly culture magazine "K". Him and his wife just had a baby, a few weeks before Ada, so we hit it off straight away.

Ada (then 5 weeks old) came with me to Copenhagen, and was out strolling with family living there, during the interview. The flight, and getting her ready for a stroll, was easy. But to write, while having a baby around all day, was the hard part....
Tried and tested, at least - it was such a tempting assignment, and oh my, I do love to work...
But I'm back in baby-mode now, I want to give this beautiful little creature all my attention. All those interesting and eccentric artist will just have to wait a little while :)

Nov 30, 2013


I'm back! Ada is now 4 months, so it's been a while...
I've contemplated a little bit... About what this blog is about. Where to take it. What to post.

When I started this blog, I was starting out as a freelance journalist, and wanted somewhere I could share the pictures I took, the people I met who inspired me, pix from travels, the variety of my work, anything interesting I came across. Then, two years ago, I started working on Aftenposten Junior (the best newspaper for kids in the whole world, if you ask me :)). At the same time Espen and I renovated our home and then I became pregnant. So my working life changed - less variety; I went into the same office every day. And with the renovation and pregnancy I had less energy, and perhaps, inspiration, which is necessary. So the blogging went kind of down-hill.

I quit my job as "reportasjeleder" (commissioning editor?) just before Ada arrived, and in a few months I'll be freelancing again. Embarking on Chapter III of my work-life, I suppose :)

But until then, I'm hanging out with Ada. I'm unsure of how much of her I'll reveal here. Unsure of how exposed I want her to be. And this will never become a pink mummy-blog with baby-stuff only. But there will be some, as my focus and world has changed.

Ada comes along to almost everything I do. She's been traveling with us for a month in the US. She has already been to three weddings (slings and baby bjørn are sooo great - they love being carried everywhere), she has joined me at an interview-assignment in Copenhagen, where I interviewed the artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel (more on that later). I've "baby-worn" her while photographing a lady I "follow" in Harlem, NYC. She's been on my lap while I got a pedicure and joined me at jazz-concerts. Well, she's great :)

Here we are on the NYC-subway on our way to Harlem. Ada is wearing my sound-canceling-headphones to protect from the high pitched subway-sounds (but during our 2 weeks in the city we mostly walked - everywhere!!).

Sep 10, 2013


6 weeks ago Ada arrived. She is wonderful, beautiful, fantastic. Motherhood is overwhelming, sets things in perspective, is wonderful and rocks the soul. I can stare at her for hours and she's started smiling at me!

There won't be that much action on this blog for a while, as I'll spend most of my time with her. Once in a while I'll post something, and then when I have some more time and am less sleep deprived, I'll return :)

Jul 3, 2013

Pecha Kucha @ Sukkerbiten

Sukkerbiten is a great outdoor spot in Oslo, which is open during the summer. It's located by the opera-house, just by the seaside, and they serve mussles, fries, burgers etc, while having DJ's play, events going on, etc.

Pecha Kucha opened this years season, with a Pecha Kucha Special on cultural projects in Oslo and Bergen. Kasper and I were hosting.

Photos by Espen Nord Eidene

Jul 1, 2013

The Swimming Fisherman

One early morning at Flaskebekk, Espen, my brother Nikolai and I headed down to the "bathing house" to have our coffee and enjoy the somber morning. Espen had set out fishing yarn the night before. As we have no boat, he swam out, and rowed out the next morning to get it. And he got two fish!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg