Jan 27, 2013

Beachtime, Spain

I was so hungry for some sun, that I called my friend Line and said "hey, let's go?". She wasn't hard to ask. So now we're in the south of the canary island, where the temperature is 30 degrees, and we're enjoying beachtime! I've been meditating on the beach this morning and been swimming lots lots lots. Hanging on the beach makes me so so happy! I need nothing but a good book and then I have all the time in the world to reflect. Perfect!

Jan 21, 2013

Marion Cotillard

Sometimes I "fall in love" with other women. At the moment, after seeing Rust and Bone / De rouille et d'os, I'm in love with the french actress Marion Cotillard! It's such a strong movie, and her performance was amazing. 

Jan 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces from our Home

In the midst of boxes and tools, I've unpacked a few of the things I love...

I bought this one in Absolute Vintage in Shoreditch in London. I love the combo; well worn leather and the "mexican" print.
My basket of knitting stuff. Working on a new scarf.
A kitchy plastic bucket from one of the wonderful pakistani shops down town (at Grønland).
Espen making coffee with great precicion. He's the barista in our home. I got the black and gold cup from a  vintage shop in Copenhagen.

A ring (whatever you call it) to put the kettle on. Made by my friend Linn. The place mat is made by me. I loooove african fabrics.
And a pair of "tøfler" (our floow is cold) that I got in Greece some years ago.

Jan 15, 2013

Come join our Posse?

I love my shared office-space at Grunerløkka. I don't sit there much these days, as I'm full time at Aftenposten Junior until the summer, but it is oh so lovely. A bunch of freelancers who loves their independence and work. A place where we can share anything and also get the job done.

At the moment we have an available spot.
Want to sit with us? Do email me a few lines. You'll find my email on my website..

Jan 14, 2013


Yesterday went on like this; Espen and I went up to Ullevål Hageby to have breakfast at Åpent Bakeri with my brother. My brother is looking after our aunt and uncle's nice dog these days; Vicky. So she came along. After reading newspapers and having a few cups of coffee we went to our place to put up a few Ikea things. Vicky did of course want to be in the middle of everything, my brother hung out in comfortably, I made cacao of fantastic Valhrona chocolate and then my friend May popped by. Nice day. Later on I went to Bikram (which was wonderful as it's minus 17 degrees outside now) and then May and I went to the movies.

Jan 7, 2013

Room 107

I'd like to introduce this photography project to you, shot by The Wade Brothers

The Wade Brothers are David Lindsey Wade and sibling Lyndon Wade who are both recognized as one of the top lifestyle, fashion and advertising photographers in the world. They have received worldwide acclaim and exposure for their work in all forms of media. Additionally their work appears in galleries around the world. 

In this project they have staged what could have happened in this hotel room. So next time you're staying in a hotel, let your imagination fly :)

Many of these images are hanging in the Lumas Gallery.

Photography by The Wade Brothers

Jan 6, 2013


We  have MOVED! Into our new apartment, which we have been working on for quite a long time now! So during x-mas we lived amongst boxes and I could barely find a dress to put on for x-mas eve. But now it is all becoming quite neat and yesterday we had the first civilized meal! Espen made summer-rolls. I made the placemats a few years back, from fabric bought in Senegal. Needs some ironing, but works for now. My friend Linn has made that wooden (with pink) ring that looks like a bracelet. It's to put pots and pans on. Nice huh!