Aug 19, 2009

Played records @ Eidsvoll Verk

Last friday, I played at masquerade-ball at Eidsvoll. The place is beautiful, with lots of old buildings, and the entire party were dressed in fantastic dresses and masques. It's getting slightly cold though, summer is over I guess.

Kolonihavehus in Copenhagen

Visiting my friend Cathrine's tiny kolonihave-house right outside copenhagen. We grilled squash and other vegetables from her little garden spot. Wonderful.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

One or two picks from backstage at Batlak & Selvig, whom of course had the best of the best of the best show :)
I snapped away, but sorry, can't share more than this. They are for other purposes.
But their garments are fantastic, so do check them out

katie lanphear, style director of ELLE US, on first row

Beachlife in Spain

Pamplona in red and white

Pia in Pamplona-gear

And dearest Kash

Bull-race at 8 am in the morning. Madness

Louise Bourgeois' spider outside Guggenheim

Artist Louise is almost a 100 years old, and had her break through really really late in life. She is french, but lives in new york, and the MAMAN spider is probabbly her most famous work. Google her name, cause her story is fascinating.

Bilbao, Pamplona, San Sebastian & Biarritz

This summer the holidaytrip went to Spain, where we rented a car and headed out venturing. Guggenheim in Bilbao, met up with our friends Kash & Pia, where the four of us headed for the bull-race in pamplona, and then we all went further to san sebastian, where I did a travel feature + pix for norwegian magazine KK.

Some pix from the trip follows!

Played @ wedding at Villa Malla - this summer's most fantastic night!!!

The bride, Cathrine, and her husband-to-be Erik, got married at Sonia Lee's wonderful place Villa Malla. My cousin and I dj'ed on the 3 hour boat-ride down to the wedding party and dinner, on this hot hot hot summer day.

Then we chilled on the beach, had a wonderful meal, and joined in on the party, where DJ Pia Skevik played. Then we played again on the boat trip back to town. It was a fantastic and hot summer night, and everyone danced on deck until early early morning. love was in the air!

...a happy dj...

...and an even happier bride...

As part of my freelance journalism work, I'm now in charge of updating the site (young readers), which is an information portal/ inspiration site, with info on youth and their media/reading habits.

How to attract a young readership is an important issue, for anyone working in newspapers or any media. I'm stating the obvious, but the youth are the voices of tomorrow, so tune in on them!

I'm also doing some school-projects with media students throughout this autumn.
And finally, on this issue; I'll be in Prague in september, at the Young Readers Conference.


My necklace in Cosmopolitan

My necklace featured in a shoot in Cosmopolitan

Self portrait

Another music-stunt with Marte Krogh + brazilian dancers!

Steen & Strøm had a party at their roof terrasse. I played the records, Marte her violin.
And afterwards, some brazilian dancers showed up. Fun fun fun

Midsummer in Sweden

This has become tradition.. to visit my swedish friend linn's self-initiated midsummer-festival in sweden.

Multicultural 'dugnad' in Jens Bjelkes gate

A few months ago I joined the board of the building I live in. It's at Tøyen, where people from everywhere lives. Which is great. But there are some challenges when it comes to communication and how we're all used to live!

Which leads people to give up, or not give a shit. First hand integration issues!
But it has to be a way....

So, we invited everyone (somali, bosnians, moroccans, swedes, polish, turkish, ethiopians and norwegians) to a joint 'dugnad' (communal work) and I encouraged everyone to bring a dish from their country for a well-deserved back-yard party afterwards. Almost everyone showed up, perhaps because my letter was sent out in english as well, and I was almost touched :)

my darling flatmate charlie

and Helmer, who also joined the board!

and caroline, my neighbour, who's also in our trio-board

and me, inspecting the cleaning of the stairs :)