Jul 30, 2011

Victoria + Lasse

My friends are getting married today! We're ready to celebrate!!!

Jul 29, 2011

Oslo covered in Roses

It's been a week since the 22nd of july - last friday. There hasn't been much action here on the blog. Too much action everywhere else. Last friday, when horrific news hit us all here in Norway, I was sleeping on the couch. Peacefully. At the cabin on the south-coast. I woke up to the news of a bomb and had no idea what the voice on the radio was talking about. 

Since then we've been shocked, sad, confused. Have lit candles, spoken to our friends and family. Perhaps given more hugs to people. 

When I arrived home to Oslo at 10pm one evening at the beginning of this week the city looked like this... 

Photos by Christina Skreiberg

Jul 14, 2011

Supermarket Sarah

A few months ago I interviewed Sarah Bagner, who runs Supermarket Sarah, for D2. She creates these fantastic shopping walls or curates a bunch of others to do it. It's a treat to the eye and definately a different shopping experience!

Jul 11, 2011

Now we Know...

Thanx to the portuguese photographer Joao Grama I've figured out where the previous post is from.... It's by LangbaumannSabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. See more works on their site. 

Thank you thank you Joao - for letting me know on facebook! 
And... This image is by Joao :)

Photo by Joao Grama

Jul 10, 2011

If I was the one to decide...

I would paint several of the roads in Oslo like this...
I'm sorry though, I can't remember where I found this picture, where it is or who took it.

Jul 9, 2011


Here's some pictures from the beginning of the summer, when I went to Espen's cabin at the south coast of Norway; Lillesand. Now I'm heading out in the sun, so just enjoy the pix :)

Pix by moi; xtina!

Jul 8, 2011

I'm in love with my Balloon Installation!

I spent half a day making this + a lot of other clusters of balloons spread out in the trees in the garden. I'll do it again anytime :)

Photos by Marianne Bae and Christina Skreiberg

Jul 7, 2011

This is my Friend Linn Bay...

... she deserves her own blogpost. Cause she is one of my favourite people in this world; she inspires, supports and challenges. And for the record... she was at my birthday party, although she's not - for some reason - on any of the pictures :(

I took this picture of her one day at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, at the Ernesto Neto exhibition. The one with the tiny head is her super cool daughter Frida! 

Photo by Christina Skreiberg

Jul 3, 2011

My 30th Birthday Party!

Yesterday I had lots of my friends here at Flaskebekk (Nesodden) where I'm staying this summer. I'm not in a state of writing in great length today, but it was LOVELY! And the balloon's... well I worked on that for a while :) The next post will be about them!

Photos by Christina Skreiberg & a few by Marianne Bae :)