Feb 13, 2009

Mohair yarn for sale!

Lots of nice norwegian lambs wool and mohair and bright nice colours is for sale for a very kind price.

The yarn is also handy when it comes to deco in your bookshelf... this is mine :)

Email me for more yarn-details

Feb 12, 2009

My Dancing Mentor in the Gambia

Here we have Matar, whom I met for the first time a year ago in Gambia. This time he's been teaching me african dance on the beach, shown me around, taken me to some local restaurants, places, etc etc. He is my favourite person in The Gambia.

Grandma Fatu, in Gambia

Fatu gave me her scarf that she's wearing :)
A few days I also tried to sell fruit for her on the beach! The whole lady laughed. Very funny.

My new kid'o buddy Che

Visiting Che's family... we're still in gambia

This is E-Boy!! He never sits still, drinks atta (super sweet green tea) all day long and is super cool. If I don't get kids myself they told me I could have E-Boy :)

Fishing in Gambia

in gambia, fish is what everyone eats. and hundreds of people earn their living working in the fish industry

mariama, lamin, osman and mbakeh playing on the beach

Trip to Dakar, Senegal

In dakar with my little brother. Busy, hot, everything takes time... but of course, wonderful.

And then, heading to the historic slave-island Ile De Goree. 1500 poeple live here, about 300 of them artists, and no cars. idyllic and beautiful, with a grim history