Oct 21, 2009

Playing records @ Feminismekonferansen

If you're a lady, and want to see the following at MÃ¥nefisken on oct 31st, join in! I'll be playing later on. On the music menu is: dancy electro, pop, some old school stuff, funky remixes of those 80s tunes + some brazilian baile funk + african beats.

Hot old Lady

Fantastic & beautiful old lady, found on Yvan Rodic's facehunter blog. I aspire to be like her!

Oct 2, 2009

Cobble-stones in Prague

I've been running around Prague for a few long work-days. It's been a nice journalist conference about the future of newspapers etc etc. The city offers beautiful architecture, sunlight, crystal glass and blah blah. But what I noticed the most, is the great cobble-stoned streets. So it's no biggie if you forget to look up at the grand buildings from way way back. Where you place your feet is as amazing :)