Nov 24, 2014

├ślsen in Buenos Aires / Interview & photographs for NORD

In february and march this year, Espen, Ada and I went off to Buenos Aires and stayed there for almost two months. It's a kind of city you never want to leave. We loved it. One of the places in our local area was the Scandinavian inspired restaurant ├ślsen. I did a story on it for NORD when I got back - both pictures and text. This is from the summer issue.

Nov 21, 2014

Breastfeeding World Tour :)

Breastfeeding is amazing! if you can do it, that is. And I have been fortunate to be able to feed Ada for the past 15 months. Until she one day didn't feel like having anymore. She self-weaned which was great. 

Here in Norway you can do it anywhere. We have travelled a lot during her first year, so I've tested the attitudes towards breastfeeding "worldwide" :)

In California, no problem. In New York, well, I got some looks, but tried to be desecrete. 

In Argentina, where we stayed for 2 months, it is very normal as well. Most women there keep on breastfeeding until the child is 2 years. 

Then we travelled on to Istanbul, where it was definitely a challenge. My solution was to carry her in our Ergobaby (on my stomach), and fed her from there, with a shawls over us. That worked and no one noticed :)

Here we are at the airport in Buenos Aires, Ada is 8 months. 

Nov 19, 2014

Hansen & Lydersen / Interview & photographs for NORD

Ole Martin Hansen runs Hansen & Lydersen, which might be the best salmon smokery in London. From this little shed in East-London he delivers to the finest restaurants and hotels, and sheiks come flying in to have a taste. I had a really inspirational meeting with him, where we talked about life and love in addition to the art of smoking salmon. 

This was published in the autumn issue of NORD magazine

Nov 16, 2014

Croissants in the Making

My friend Line makes the most beautiful pastries and cakes. One sunday morning, when Espen and I visited her, the two of them baked croissants from scratch. Here's a step by step guide :)

Nov 14, 2014

Feature on E-bikes for D2

This summer I've seen more and more electrical bikes on the streets of Oslo. They are becoming increasingly popular. But all of those who ride them, get told that they're cheating. I wondered; who do us norwegians have this attitude? That you have to put in the work, sweat and struggle. If not, you're cheating.

Read about it in today's D2!

Nov 13, 2014

Writing Course in Marrakech

In october I spent a week in Marrakech, attending a writing course, held by norwegian journalist and author Niels Christian Geelmuyden. The course was held in Morocco-resident Thor Arne Hauers beautiful riad.

In this photo we're listening to Niels Christian sharing some of his writings.

And below are some other snaps from my eventful week in Marrakech. 

Niels Christian is ready to share words and wisdom.

 Entering carpet heaven! Sofie and Charlie loving this rug.
 Sofie examining carpets.
 I'm happy. I got a bigger version of the one in the middle.
Night time, and we're heading out. 
 A little bit of luxury at the poolside by hotel Selman.
Lisbeth is writing away.
Marit strikes a pose!

Nov 12, 2014

Interview with ballet dancer Candela for D2

Professional ballet dancer Candela Lasanta Ebbesen is now dancing for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco, while she also runs her own company; Ballerina Productions

I did this piece for D2 a few weeks ago.